Woman Scalds Husband with Hot Water in Lagos for Negligence 

By Chiemelie Ezeobi
For allegedly neglecting his responsibilities to his four children and battering her, an enraged wife, Joy Imeribe, Wednesday scalded her husband, Ibe Akachi with hot water at their residence at 21, Karounmi Street, Ijesha area of Lagos.
Imeribe, who was paraded Wednesday for attempted murder and domestic violence by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, said she merely acted in self defence.
She said: “I have lived with him for 13 years despite his not paying my bride price. My action was in self defence. He used to neglect our children and beat me too.
“The father of my children always beats me. In fact on one occasion, he even stabbed me with a knife on the left hand.
“What happened this time around  was that he left the house without dropping money for food. I had to borrow N1,000 from a neighbour to prepare food for the children.
“After preparing the food, I also borrowed another N2,000 from my neighbour to buy second hand clothings from Yaba.
“My plan was to resell the clothes at Aswani Market so that I can get money to keep feeding the children.
“I had only returned from Yaba at about 4pm when my husband, who was already at home started asking me where I was coming from.
“I told him the truth but he did not believe and started beating me. He claimed I was a flirt and that I had gone to see some of my male frriends.
“The beating went on all night and in the morning, when I noticed he had gone into the kitchen to prepare his food, I also went there and boiled water to bathe my children.
“He wanted to start beating me again and to defend myself, I carried the boiling water in a bucket and poured it on him.
“My husband has not been keeping up with his responsibilities as a father and man of the house. He refuses outright to bring money for food and upkeep.
“When I saw the injury on his body, I regretted my action. But I did it to protect myself.  We  moved out of the house early this year but after much pleading from him and friends, we returned to his house. It is about six weeks after I came back that he started with his old ways.”
Lamenting the spate of domestic violence, Edgal emphasised the need for couples to discuss their problems and solve it amicably without resorting to violence.
He said: “Findings made so far in the matter revealed that the husband and wife had verbal disagreement, which did not go down well with the wife.
“She went to bed with grudges in her mind.  The next morning while  her husband was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, the wife, who had been seething with anger over the unsettled issue bordering on her keeping late nights, boiled a bucket of water and emptied the content on her husband’s body.
“She did not deny committing the crime,  however she told the police that her husband used to beat her in he past. She would be charged to court.”