President of AUN Expresses Institution’s Desire to Pursue Community Sustainability

  • Graduates 158 students in 10th commencement ceremony

Ugo Aliogo in Yola

The newly Inaugurated President of American University of Nigeria (AUN), Dr. Dawn Dekle, has expressed the commitment of the University to continue pursuing community sustainability, adding that they started a huge recycling campaign on campus, known as operation ‘efficiency campaign.’

Dekle who disclosed this yesterday at the 10th Commencement Ceremony of AUN Class of 2018 and the Presidential Inauguration in Yola, the Adamawa State Capital, said the campaign provides them the opportunity to find out which residency hall uses the less electricity, less air conditioner and water in a very resourceful way, then that hall wins a price.

She stated that they would not only pursue sustainability, but sustainable communities, adding that she envisions the University becoming a larger part of the active Northeastern Nigeria corridor.

She explained that her vision for the University is based on the belief that accessibility to the benefits of education supports a dynamic and prosperous society, “today, I invite you to consider what will be your contribution to this colourful tapestry. Each of you has an important role to play in this colourful tapestry, this AUN alliance. Together, we will transform this vision into a plan.”

Dekle charged the graduating students to see their graduation as their golden ticket to change the world, stating that being of a person of value is more important than a person of achievement, therefore she advised the students to be exemplary role models who would positively impact others.

The AUN President told the students that they are the generation that can close the gap between dreaming and doing, stating that their civilizations courses at the University have taught them that there are moments in history where civilizations redefine themselves.

The University graduated 21 students in the Master of Science category, one in the Post Graduate Diploma and 136 in the Undergraduate category. The valedictorian and best graduating student of the class of 2018 was Mr. Benedict Egwuchukwu, an Accounting major with a Cumulative Grade Points (CGPA) of 3.9, while the Speaker of class of 2018 was Ms. Ashley Gekpe, is a Petroleum Chemistry major.

Continuing, Dekle said: “Graduates, we are here today to celebrate your achievements with your teachers, families, and friends, and to welcome you into our Alumni College. Today is the beginning of your moment. Graduation is the beginning, not the end. Graduation is your golden ticket to change the world. I want you to make your dreams at least one size too big and grow into them.

“Today you are turning the page by graduating, but turning the page is not the same thing as writing the next chapter, which is what you must do. Your future is in good hands — your own. There will be times when your heart talks to you. These will be your moments of truth and when your heart speaks, you must take good notes. Being a person of value is more important than being a person of achievement; please remember that while many people can figure costs, far fewer people can measure values. I urge you, don’t simply become something, but be someone, and that someone should be your character and deepest values played out in your daily actions. We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference and as President of AUN, I charge you to take up this challenge. This is your turn to write the next chapter, to add your voice to the narrative, in solving the pressing matters of this time.”