By Nseobong Okon-Ekong

In this compelling short drama, four women embark on different paths towards healing after devastating betrayal by a pivotal figure in each of their lives.

June’s successful life as a motivational speaker masks her inner turmoil. Her mantra is ’embrace your power’. All she wants to do is to forget her past but how can she forget when she can’t forgive?

Layla’s life has been a direct reflection of her early emotional upheaval, a downward spiral as she is passed from abuser to abuser. She finally has a moment of clarity- in order to build a future she has to recover the sense of self- worth she lost so long ago.

Amanda and Bukky grew up as close as sisters till a dark secret pushed them apart. Now Amanda has returned after a self-imposed exile to try and reconnect. When the secret is so devastating, however, can the truth really bring them closer? Or will Amanda’s confession break their bond beyond repair?

On this eventful day these four women’s lives intersect as they attempt to overcome the demons of their pasts.

The question that producer, Yvonne Hays attempts to answer in this short film is if true closure is possible when it comes to emotional trauma.

This movie has received commendation at six film festivals. It was selected as semi-finalist at the Sydney Indie Film Festival in Australia. It also got an approval for screening at Zimbabwe International Film Festival in Zimbabwe, Cape Town International Film Market Festival in South Africa, The African Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival in Canada and the African American Film Marketplace & S.E Manly Short Film Showcase in Hollywood, California.

Hays lives in the UK and attended the screening at the ‘African American Film Marketplace & S.E Manley Short Film Showcase’ in America between April 27 and 29. It was the only movie selected from UK and it was received with great reviews from the audience.

Her company Heels and Lens also incorporates the talents of Christianah Uzoukwu and Judith Okwuba. The film was directed by Yinka Idowu with Jagwah Jaiye as screenplay writer. Some of the actors in the film included; Weruche Opia, Lola May, Mofe Duncan, Prince Shoyelu, Essay Kidane, Geraldine Vaughan, Sara Nurilden Ahmed, Yvette Twagiramariya, Fisayo Odubanjo and Nyasha Mutsonziwa.