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From Me To You

ack in the days, it was a thing of great pride for a young person to study to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Parents encouraged their children to study “prestigious” courses so that they (the parents, especially the mothers) can be addressed as ‘Nne Doctor’ or ‘Nne Lawyer’. On the other hand, parents felt disappointed whenever their children showed interest in entertainment – a sector regarded as a preserve for drop-outs and never-do-wells. Needles to say, the near-to-nothing remuneration for artistes did not help matters. Hence, those who took up entertainment as a career did so purely on interest. The passion for the industry, overrode the desire for monetary or any other form of aggrandisement.

Fast forward to the 1990s, the huge potential in the entertainment industry became more pronounced and perceptions began to change.  Today, entertainment has become the career of the moment so much so that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be in entertainment – talented or not. The recently held Big Brother Naija provided great entertainment for millions of viewers in Africa and made instant celebrities and millionaires of the participants. And, I dare predict that as things stand now, when the auditions for next year’s edition of the reality TV show kicks off, the number of applicants will triple that of this year’s. That’s not all; sponsors are likely to pay more to secure the ultimate right. Entertainment sells!
Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for entertainment. After all, the world would be pretty boring without it, right? And it’s proof that the Nigerian youths are not lazy as one leader claimed, because they built the industry from the scratch. But, have you thought of what a world it would have been without scientists who dedicate their entire lives to constant research and inventions? Have you for once paused to think of what the world would be without medical practitioners: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiographers and all the others? Have you also thought of what it would have been without engineers to build houses, airplanes, cars and provide electricity, or, without information technologists; the ones that make it possible for us to communicate and socialise without leaving the comfort of our homes?
If there were no carpenters, we wouldn’t have beautiful furniture in our homes and classrooms. If there were no pilots, the airplanes wouldn’t fly and so would the ships not sail without captains. Have you thought of how lawless and insecure our society would have been without the police and the military to maintain law and order and wade off external aggression? If the teachers are not in the classrooms, the school system will collapse and if there are no farmers? …. I will leave that to your imagination.
I can go on and on because the list is almost endless. If you look around, you will definitely see more and more people tucked in the corner but who are adding value to our daily existence by their services; the vulcanizers, mechanics, tailors, barbers, hair stylists, make-up artists and so on.
Without doubt, every other occupation mentioned and those not mentioned provide a solid support system on which entertainment thrives. This means that entertainment cannot stand and thrive alone and with the collapse of other sectors, would come the collapse of our society.
Entertainment is very good, no doubt, but we shouldn’t all gravitate towards one direction. God has put different talents and abilities inside us and the onerous task before everyone of us is to discover our area of value to mankind and fill that gap irrespective of the reward system.
Oya, let’s go dancing!

Teenagers and Drug Abuse- (II)

Last week, we discussed some reasons teenagers get involved with drug abuse. Today, we will look at the effects of illicit drugs on teenagers.
The effects of drug abuse on an individual and the society are legion and cannot be exhaustively discussed in one article. However, here are some of the consequences of using illicit drugs:

• Amongst teenagers, abuse of drugs causes serious behaviour disorders and can lead to anti-social activities like truancy, examination malpractices, indecent sexual practices, dirtiness, lack of respect for elders including parents, pilfering, involvement in cultism and violent conducts, among other vices.

• Addiction can occur as a result of constant drug abuse. Aside from being a very expensive habit, drug addiction is a serious problem because the individual finds it difficult to function properly without the drug. Withdrawal symptoms occur when the individual tries to stay off the drug. This brings unbearable discomfort which forces the individual back to taking the drug. At this point, stopping the habit becomes really difficult and almost impossible if the abuser does not seek help in a rehabilitation centre.

• The spread of the dreaded HIV virus and other infectious diseases like Hepatitis B is escalated through the practice of Injecting Drug Use (IDU). By injecting drugs, abusers exchange unsterilized syringes thereby exposing themselves to infection.

• Damage to organs – drug abuse can also lead to damage of vital human organs like; the brain, liver, kidney, heart, eyes and even reproductive organs. It can also lead to cancer (of different types).

• Hallucination/Madness – excessive drug use can make a person to begin to hallucinate (see and hear things that others around him cannot see or hear). In other words, the person begins to see and hear non-existent images and sounds.  While this is not considered madness, full-blown madness may set in with continued use of the offensive drugs.

• Death – many young people have lost their lives needlessly as a result of unguarded use of drugs. Many have died in avoidable accidents while driving or operating heavy machineries under the influence of alcohol. Some others have also died simply because of drug overdose.
It is obvious that abuse of drugs is an ill-wind that blows no good and efforts should be made to stop it. The basic effort should come from you. Say NO! to drug abuse and keep away from friends who refuse to say no.

Talk to  Judy

Hi guys! My name is Judy. I am here to share your problems with you. Trust me to proffer solutions to those mind-boggling problems you wouldn’t dare share with friends, siblings, parents or anyone else.
A lot of people, including teenagers, hurt secretly with problems they can’t discuss openly for fear of being judged. You may hide your identity if you wish. But do write in and let’s discuss that problem. It is not healthy to bottle up problems. Moreover, problems shared are problems half-solved. Or, you think no one cares? I do care!
I will be here every week to help you solve that problem. But, I can’t, if you don’t talk about it. So, do write in. You never know what you call a problem may just be part of growing up.

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Crack Your Brain a Little with These Riddles: 
1. You throw away the outside, eat the inside, then throw away the inside. What is it?
2.  What can you keep after giving it to someone?
3.  What gets broken if it’s not kept?
4.  It’s so fragile even just saying it’s name can break it. What is it?
5.  Jimmy’s mother had three children. The first was called April, the second was called May. What was the name of the third?

Answers to riddles:
1. Corn on the cob
2.  Your word
3.  A promise
4.  Silence
5. Jimmy