CSEAN Announces Cyber Secure Nigeria Conference


Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) will hold its conference on ‘Cyber Secure Nigeria 2018’

This year conference with the theme ‘Mitigating Cyber Threats in the Digital Age’, will take place in Victoria Island, Lagos from May 9 to 10.

Cyber Secure Nigeria Conference has become an annual event; this year’s is the fourth, and it is being hosted in Lagos for the first time. The conference provides unparalleled gathering of cyber security Industry giants, government, academia, Information Security Professionals from Nigeria and International Community, according to a statement by the organisers.

Cyber threats and attacks are constantly growing and becoming more sophisticated, dangerous and damaging. It is a top priority for businesses to protect their networks, computers, and information from unauthorised access and breaches. As enterprises and governments now provide most services online to their clients, the size of cyber-attack has grown exponentially. “Many of these cyber criminals’ current exploits are going unnoticed. Cyber Secure Nigeria 2018 Conference will focus on how businesses can protect themselves from falling victim and also learn how to mitigate these threats in a digital age through workshops, technical sessions, plenary sessions and breakout session.”

The cybercriminal community has evolved locally and internationally from script kiddies and organised gangs to nation-states and hacktivist groups whose exploit has caused loss of productivity, financial loss and reputational damage to organisations and government. Recently, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit researchers released a report on a group of Nigerian cybercriminals code named “Gold Galleon” targeting maritime industry via business email compromise (BEC) and business email spoofing (BES) fraud to dupe their unsuspecting victims into parting with millions of dollars. It is estimated that between June 2017 and January 2018, the cybercriminals attempted to steal upwards of $3.9 million, and on average, fraud attempts theft level may reach $6.7 million per year.

Global cybercrime damages, which were about $3 trillion in 2015, will reach about $6 trillion by the end of 2021, a 100 percent increase in just five years according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Unfortunately, over 85% of organisations and government agencies in Nigeria lack cybersecurity plan and strategy while majority are unsure whether or not they’ve been a victim of cybercrime. 

Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) is a non-profit organisation composed of Information Security Professionals in Nigeria and Diaspora, recognising the need for unified effort and framework across board to tackle Cyber Crime. Cyber Security Experts of Nigeria (CSEAN) was established as an advocacy group to galvanise the movement and development of Information Security in Nigeria.