Return of Amina Sambo…Wife of Former VP Decries Prevalence of Drugs


Even the fairest maidens burn to the end of their youth like wicker lamps blowing against the most dreadful desert squall. Like one such fair maiden, Hajia Amina Sambo, the wife of former Vice President of Nigeria, Namadi Sambo, begs to differ. There is no gainsaying that she has appreciated in womanliness and that rare humanity that distinguishes the regal from the inconsequential. Like still waters turned bubbling sea, she has regained her groove back.

She is back on the grind she doesn’t look like she would lose steam or quit anytime soon. Speaking when she visited The Olive Prime, a 24-hour mental health and drug rehabilitation outpatient facility designed by patients and clinicians in Abuja, Amina Sambo observed that drug abuse, like cancer, has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society. She said more worrisome is the rate at which young women engage in the practice.

She called on religious and traditional leaders and the media to create more awareness on the dangers and persuade people to desist. She was a cynosure of all eyes as she looked resplendent in her perfectly cut attire and fetching smile.

Back in the days when her husband was in power like a medieval emperor, the couple became the darling of the State’s high society and their house automatically became a Mecca of sort for political jobbers, hangers-on and favour seekers. However, their bubble got burst when they lost the election.