“What cannot be helped must be endured,” so goes a popular adage but even endurance has its limits. It is understandable therefore, if Abigail Igwe can no longer persevere under the dark clouds of her woe. The seasoned socialite and former wife of John Fashanu, is in an emotional fix of sort at the moment. She is so distraught that the most comprehensive psychotherapy might not be enough to purge her of her emotional grief.

But how did she get to this sorry pass? This million naira question is best answered by the fashionable woman and her estranged husband. It would be recalled that Abigail and John were dating and seriously in love. Though their union was talk of the town for a considerable period of time, particularly on the pages of gossip magazines and Lagos high society, it crashed irredeemably before the couple could really start savouring the touted benefits of marital life.

The relationship which allegedly crashed due to irreconcilable differences pitted her and John against each other to the consternation of the family and friends; and to the delight of high society’s rumour mill. However, no sooner than the marriage crashed than John swiftly picked the pieces of his shattered heart and reconstructed it around Rachel Bakam, an Abuja-based actress and TV personality, a new woman and subject of his dreams.

Less could be said about Abigail, whose daughter, Adaese is married to the popular footballer, Joseph Yobo. Much as she is desperate to reignite the flames of true love and romance in her heart, she is yet to chance on that proverbial knight that would come whisk her to a lifetime of bliss in shining armor