National U-15 Stars Hail Greensprings Kanu Football Camp for Life Changer


They lived in the ever-bustling Lagos Island where they attended public schools but their talents in football earned them scholarships to study in one of Nigeria’s prime secondary schools – Greensprings School, Lagos. Like every young aspiring Nigerian, the story of Musa Alli and Elvis Onyenze captured how being part of the annual Greensprings Kanu Football Camp changed their lives positively 

Musa Alli got into Greensprings School during the second edition of the annual Greensprings Kanu Football Camp; a platform for young talents to showcase their football skills, as well as receive professional training from experienced international coaches. This platform also provides an educational scholarship for the most promising player of the camp.
“I was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship to study at Greensprings School at the end of the four-day camp. There are so many interesting things that I find different in Greensprings School compared to other schools, the sporting facilities, curriculum, teachers’ attention to details and professional services rendered by the support staff,” Alli said.
Asked how his friends see him after gaining scholarship to Greensprings School, the youngstar said, “They see me as a role model and someone that will eventually do something great in life with the help of God and hard work because success is inevitable with hard work.”
Alli indeed acknowledge the fact that the scholarship had helped take off a lot of burden from his parents.
“I am the last child of the family and most of my siblings are done with schooling. Basically the scholarship helped take off my education cost burden from my dad. In fact it has brought my family a lot of benefits as they would not have been able to afford such a quality school for me. Life was not really hard but the scholarship made it was way easier.  I used to be quite timid, but Greensprings helped me improve on my social skills,” he noted.

Alli, who is dreaming to becoming the first Nigerian player to win the Balon Dor stated, “In addition, I would love to give back to the society, improve Nigeria sporting facilities and become a motivational speaker to the less privilege.
“To start with, Greensprings has helped me to advance my football skills. This has also improved my social skill greatly. As a result, I am more confident. I firmly believe that a successful sport man must be strong physically, mentally and socially.”
For Elvis Onyenze, life before joining Greensprings School was just okay but after joining, life became even better.
“Before joining Greensprings, I wasn’t the type that can stand in front of 100 people and talk but today I can talk in front of 10 million people without making a mistake.

“Talk about the quality education I got , the morals, our super teachers that are always there to help when you need it, talk about sports, Greensprings has really helped me to get better in football, with our quality coaches. I can say I’m very proud of being a part of Greensprings as it has impacted my life in numerous ways,” Onyenze said.
Onyenze emerged as one of the best two players in the 2013 Greensprings Kanu Football Camp and the reward was an admission into Greensprings.
On what is unique about Greensprings School, Onyenze said, “The educational system, our teachers, our support staffs, our coaches and let me just put it this way; everything Greensprings does is very unique.
“Football is something I can’t live without, it’s in me and it’s my passion. Greensprings provided a platform that is equivalent to international standards for me. I’ll use these six words to describe my experience: great, elegant, epiphany, ineffable, jubilant and serendipity,” he said.
Onyenze said he has had numerous memorable moments, but being the first African school to win the annual Keele Cup was unique to him.
“The day I received my educational scholarship to study at Greensprings; lifting the GTBank Masters Cup and the day I gave a speech in front of the whole school. I had countless memorable moments at Greensprings. Life has been easy for my parents because they didn’t have to worry about paying my school fees and for me life has been great,” he noted.
Asked what his dreams and aspirations in life are, he said,

“I want to be the first Nigerian to win the world best player; I want to play for Manchester United Football Club which is my dream club; I want to make people who didn’t believe in me to be proud of me and also to be successful in life.”