Software Company Led by Leading African Tech Entrepreneur to Host Website Development Masterclass


Solomon Elusoji

A leading software company in Lagos, iBez, is set to hold a maiden Website Development Masterclass. iBez specialises in building web and mobile software solutions and is led by leading African tech Entrepreneur, Ms. Ommo Clark.

According to Clark, the essence of the Masterclass is to bridge the gap that exists among ICT practitioners and users of ICT tools and Software Technologies.

“iBez has rolled out a series of Digital Skills/Software Development Training Workshops as part of our commitment to bridge this skills gap and ensure that Nigerians are fully equipped and empowered with the relevant skills and tools to fully participate and become leaders in the digital age,” he said.

Clark is a UK-trained software engineer with work experience at Lehman Brothers. She is the founder of several startups, including Handy Jacks and Let’s Share.

According to a press release from the company, the Masterclass is aimed at anyone interested in pursuing a career in website development and those already practicing as Web Developers but who want to boost and improve their skills and knowledge with hands-on international standard training, thereby bridging the skills gap associated with developing quality world-class websites

Emphasising the importance of websites in this digital era, Clark said: “A corporate website, online portal or ecommerce website is your virtual office, storefront or online salesperson. It is the first interaction a potential customer might have with your company. It also enables you sell your goods or services to a wider audience without physical interaction irrespective of distance or location, thus, one of the most important things you can do for your business is to own one.”

She added. “It is not only important for businesses and companies to have excellent websites that adequately represent their brands and function properly, it is also important that we have people that can produce international standard websites for these companies. Thus, the need to train website developers on the tool, techniques and best practices of developing quality websites cannot be over-emphasised.”

The training will cover programming languages such as CSS, HTML, PHP and more, including hands-on training on various content management systems such as WordPress. iBez has been providing ICT, Software development and Entrepreneurship training over the years to women business owners, youth, new graduates and girls.