As a businessman, Allen Onyema, CEO, Air Peace, has proved that he is blessed with the proverbial magic wand. Indeed, doing business is his forte.
A cursory look at his profile, especially since he founded his airline in 2013, attests to his wizardry as a businessman.

At the outset, many had written him off, but the Anambra State-born lawyer, was unfazed over the criticisms. All he set out to achieve was to create an agency that will not only make a big difference but also be among the best.
Interestingly, today, he is being rated as one of leaders in the industry while his aspiration to turn Air Peace into a five-star value carrier is being met.
In five years, he has acquired eight aircraft, the latest was delivered last week.
Of course, the roads have not been totally paved with either gold or roses, as he has encountered a lot of challenges, including conspiracy from competitors and insufficient freedom to operate commercially.

But beyond his meteoric rise in the aviation business, Onyema is also a compelling romantic, one who knows the ABC of love. All he needed to show the world this hitherto unreported side of him was the occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary last week.
It was gathered that his doors were thrown open while his family, friends and business associates from different walks of life came to celebrate with them.
With a deep sense of appreciation and love, Onyema was quoted to have described his wife as the solid rock behind his success story.

As a testimony of his affection and love for his family, he named all his aircraft after his wife, children and even parents.