KICC to Initiate ‘Hospital on Wheels’ in Rural Areas


Ayodeji Ake

As its own quota of impacting people living in the rural communities health wise, Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) revealed plans of introducing ‘Hospital on Wheels’ in the rural communities, to reduce mortality rate among people living in the rural areas.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the shepherd of KICC while addressing journalists at the Annual Widows Empowerment programme recently in Osun State, noted that the ministry is improving from empowering the widows in Osun with cloth, food, drink and money to planning six new agendas to impact the lives of people with ‘Hospital on Wheel’ included.

“My vision for the future is that with 17,000 this year, it should be something that should metamorphose into something bigger than just giving the widows food and cloths. We want to start a ministry call, Christ compassion to the rural and we want to hit the rural with six levels of needs we want to meet. One of them is hospital on wheels so when we enter an area, it has a way of expanding. It will be a sterilise trailer where up to five surgeries will be done at a time. So while crusade in the rural is going on, we will be able to do a surgery for about every two to three hours so within six days, we would have made in impact in the community,” he said.
Pastor Ashimolowo emphasised on the need to work in unity to develop the country, charging the politicians to jump out of the shell of politics to make Nigeria work better.

“There is poverty in the country and we believe that the nation can do more. Let those that have enough remember the needy. There is need in the country and I can only challenge the government to look into five Es; Economy, Electricity, Environment (as in agriculture), Engineering (as in a mechanised and industrialised nation) and Electronic (as in driving into information system). Nigeria economy is working, we need our leaders to put aside politics, religion and culture and look into our country holistically. We need a plan that can change the affairs of the country,” he added.