Chinazor Megbolu
In a bid to cater for consumers desiring a healthier lifestyle, an indigenous firm, Andersons Pharmaceutical Limited has unveiled to the Nigerian market a first of its kind sugar free coffee ‘Topicana Slim 3-in-1 instant coffee.’

The coffee has three variants: Cappucinno, Mocha Frappez and Caffe Latte. It is sugar free and sweetened with stevia as against natural sugar. Stevia contains natural ingredient which make consumers of coffee less vulnerable to perennial diseases such as diabetics.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Andersons Pharmaceutical Limited, Mr. Bright Uche Edom, said coffee consumption in the country is growing and for people to take a much healthier one, they have to introduce Tropicana Slim Sugar Free 3-in-1 Coffee Mix.

He explained the brain behind it is that other coffees in the market are produced with normal sugar sweetener hence launching its own with natural sweetener stevia.
“Through innovation we were able to bring in Sugar Free 3-in-1 Coffee Mix that can be consumed by all, “he said.
Edom pointed out the new product which is of three variants, Cappuccino, Mocha Frappez and Caffee Latte is healthy for everyone above six years including pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

He also noted that as consumers engage with their busy schedule and fixed work times, coffee has become important towards helping to maintain alertness.
“Coffee consumption is growing in Nigeria as the population urbanises and as the working environment becomes more formal and challenging, “Edom said.

Also speaking, the General Manager, Andersons Pharmaceutical Limited, Mrs. Omamo Ogene-Okoro noted that Tropicana Slim sugar free 3-in1 coffee has come to revolutionise how coffee is consumed in Nigeria by not only making it more appealing in taste and aroma but also offering more healthy choice.
Ogene-Okoro said that the Tropicana Slim Sugar Free 3-in-1 coffee also offers sweet sensation of smooth twirl of creamy froth coffee mix around the lips without worry of any side effects.

“Its superb taste will boosts your mood and no worry about weight addition or increase in blood sugar since it doesn’t contain sugar. It is affordable, without saccharin, cyclamate or preservative” she said.
While enjoining coffee lovers to feel free and enjoy Tropicana Slim 3-in-1 coffee, she reiterated that the introduction of the brand into the Nigerian market was borne out of the desire to stem the allergy associated with sugar tasted coffee since this is the source of most terminal ailments.

Meanwhile, the special guest and Dietitian, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ms. Layo Omodara in her speech posited that the introduction of 3-in-1 Coffee Mix is a welcome development for Nigerians, saying it will help to repair any damages in the body and also boost mental alertness.
She also stated the newly unveiled product has a wide range of vitamins, minerals and magnesium that would help water balancing in the body due to dietary acceptable sweetener added.