The German government has denounced experiments funded by German carmakers in which humans and monkeys reportedly inhaled diesel exhaust fumes, BBC reported on Monday.

German media say the health impact research was done by EUGT, a body funded by Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW.
Such tests could not be justified, the government said, demanding details. A minister called them “abominable”.

Daimler also condemned them. VW is embroiled in a scandal over software that gave false diesel exhaust data.
In 2015 VW admitted having fitted “cheat” devices in the US that made their engines appear less polluting than they actually were.

Poland President to Review Holocaust Bill after Israel Outcry
Poland’s President Andrzej Duda says he will review controversial plans to outlaw any suggestion of Polish complicity in the Nazi Holocaust, according to BBC.
Israel has fiercely objected to the draft law, which would also make it illegal to describe Nazi death camps in Poland as Polish.

Critics say it seeks to limit discussion about Polish involvement.
Poland has long insisted it was blameless and the death camps were run entirely by occupying German forces.

The country was attacked and occupied by Nazi Germany during World War Two. Millions of its citizens were killed, including three million Polish Jews in the Holocaust.
Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust overall.
More Poles have been honoured by Israel for saving the lives of Jews during the war than any other nation.

However, historians say others were complicit by acts such as informing on Jews in hiding, for rewards, and participating in Nazi-instigated massacres including in Jedwabne where hundreds of Jews were murdered by their neighbours.

Poland’s draft bill, which is an amendment to an existing Polish law, would make using phrases like “Polish death camps” punishable by up to three years in prison.
It must pass in the Senate and be signed by the president before it becomes law.
President Duda promised “careful analysis” of the legislation following the outcry from Israel on Sunday.

Lang’ata Fire: ‘Not Enough Water’ to Tackle Kenya Blaze
Survivors of the fire which tore through a Kenyan slum leaving four dead have described the battle to save their homes as “like fighting in hell”, BBC reported.

Residents used sewage water in a desperate attempt to douse the flames which had engulfed the houses in the Lang’ata area of the capital, Nairobi.
The MP for the area, Nixon Korir, said fire engines which turned up to help did not have enough water.
The fire was finally out by 06:00 local time (03:00 GMT) on Monday.

Pictures show how people tried their best to put out the fire with anything they had to hand.
Maryam Mohamed, who lost everything, told the BBC: ‘’It was like fighting in hell, it was like hell, this is the toughest day of my life but I put my God first, who will provide for me.’’
Police have begun an investigation into the blaze, which began at 20:00 local time on Sunday and continued for 10 hours.