Francis Ogboro

Francis Ogboro is the sort of man that lives for others. His exertions in the interest of underlings and peer, resonate like a nourishment passing from earth to breathless nature’s blooming meadows. Beyond his passion for industry, Ogboro nurtures a fluorishing love for Polo, widely known as the exclusive sport of aristocrats. Polo has traditionally been an elite sport of maharajahs, marquises and millionaires and the game’s star players tend to be the rich. However, its advent and rapid growth in the country cannot be appreciated without acknowledging the contributions of Ogboro, the incumbent President of Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF). Ogboro’s contributions have improved the sport and attracted the patronage of corporate sponsors. However, Ogboro’s Midas touch exceeds Polo’s green turf. The NPF President has recorded remarkable success across the local and international business sectors thus making him one of the shining stars of Nigeria’s high society. Nobody forgets the first time they meet Francis Ogboro.

In fact, every encounter with him leaves the acquaintance a better person. Self-assured and stirring, there are so many reasons why the former Captain of the Lagos Polo Club has remained an integral member in the comity of quintessential role models. He is good looking, stylish, genial and connected in the right places. Blessed with a razor-sharp intellect, a startling candor, and homespun wit, Ogboro is the brain behind major giant enterprises. For instance, he is the Chairman of Rockshell International, a consultancy outfit; he is also the Managing Director (MD) of Options International, which has stakes in telecoms and has built exchanges for NITEL in the past. Ogboro is also the chairman of a trading outfit that imports generators and air-conditioners. One of the companies is called HBM and the other is RS. Ogboro is also the Chairman of Bimbo Detergent, and the owner of intimidating stakes in the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, leisure, and FMCG sector. A well-established and successful businessman, Ogboro has always been close to many Nigerian presidents notably, General Ibrahim Babangida (retired).