The Chairman, Lagos State Sports Commission (LSSC), Kweku Tandoh and Chairman, Nath Boys, Yemi Idowu have commended the organisers of the tournament particularly with the turnout of schools at the opening ceremony of the Dolphin Swimming League held at the Lagos Preparatory School (LPS).

The LSSC boss, described the tournament as an example of private and public sector partnership for grassroots sports development.

The opening ceremony of the championship witnessed large turnout of participants supported by their parents and guardians as the 50metre swimming pool of the Lagos Preparatory School (LPS) was filled with exceptional display by the swimmers.

“This initiative is one of those that we have been looking forward to in Lagos, a partnership between the private sector and the Lagos State Sports Commission. Also, the initiative keys into our vision for schools sports. Look at the turn-out we have here today, look at the exceptional talents that we are watching and developing. Some of these athletes have gone out of the country to win laurels for their schools and yet we are not even aware of them and that is why going forward, LSSC will be working very closely with the private schools system. A situation where we only deal with public schools will not augur well for us in terms of sports development,” Tandoh said.

He added: “There is a lot of talent in Lagos and we really need to discover and expose them. One advantage private schools have is the availability of facilities. If we come in and work with them, we can use their sports facilities as a training hub for public schools that around the same vicinity when we have a partnership and arrangement with them.”

For Idowu, this kind of tournament would encourage parents and guardians to support their wards. I am very happy that something like this is starting at the school level for students. Swimming is one of those sports that enhances cardiac and physio development for children. This is a new competition that we are hoping to cover all the schools within Lagos and hopefully go outside the state in the future. Definitely, it is going to be motivated by parents, schools and availability of facilities. Because of the nature of swimming, we will need a lot facilities not restricted schools but hotels and youth centres or activities centres as long as we can have 25 meters pool or 50 meters that the athletes can use,” Idowu said.

For the Headmaster of LPS, Nicholas Barrett, the school is excited hosting the opening ceremony of such laudable initiative.

“LPS would like to thank all the dignitaries who graced the inaugural Dolphin League Swimming meet with their presence, the technical officers who ensured the competition was carried out to a professional level, the organisers who put it all together and all the athletes, coaches and schools whose hard work and diligence was evident today.

Today gave our students yet another chance to expand their experience of swimming and to learn something new from the other competitors. We remain excited about the future of the League and we look forward to providing continued support in the years to come,” Barrett said.