President Taps Edward Adamu New CBN Deputy Gov

President Muhammadu Buhari
  • Senate doubles down on non-confirmation of nominees
  • Maintains executive cannot pick and choose laws to obey

Damilola Oyedele in Abuja and Obinna Chima in Lagos

President Muhammadu Buhari has tapped Mr. Edward Lametek Adamu, a Christian from Gombe State, as the new deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to replace Mr. Suleiman Barau who retired last month.

Adamu, who was once the Director in charge of the Strategy Management Department of the CBN, is currently the Director of Human Resources with the Bank, a position he has held since 2016.

THISDAY gathered that the deputy governor nominee has more than 25 years experience working with the central bank, which has seen him serving in almost every aspect of its operations.

However, his nomination would be subject to the approval by the Senate.

Adamu, who is 57 years, hails from Kaltungo Local Government Area in Gombe State.

He holds a Quantity Surveying degree from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, and is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

He also holds postgraduate professional certifications in corporate strategy development and execution, performance management, programme & project management and knowledge management.

Adamu is a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration of Nigeria and has acquired skill-sets in strategic leadership, central banking, finance, human resources, organisational transformation, risk management, budgeting and cost management, construction management, records management, communications and relationship management, coaching and mentoring and procurement through a variety of Wharton School USA, INSEAD France, Chicago Booth & IMD Switzerland courses and practical experience.

He is also a frequent presenter at professional conferences, seminars and symposia, especially in the areas of leadership, human capital management, project management, construction, strategy and risk management.

Adamu is in addition an active member of other professional bodies such as the the Project Management Institute, USA; International Knowledge Management Institute, USA; International Society for Performance Improvement, USA; and the Association of Project Managers, UK.

In 2012, he was appointed Director of the Strategy Management Department of the CBN in recognition of his depth of operational knowledge of the Bank’s mandate and core responsibilities as well as the breadth of CBN’s strategy implementation experience.

In that role, he was said to have demonstrated an ability to quickly identify and proffer realistic and workable solutions to complex and competing demands of the various sections of the Bank.

In addition, the deputy governor nominee was responsible for working with the CBN board in ensuring that the Bank had a clearly articulated strategy that would ensure the delivery of its mandate, organisational alignment and focus on strategy – from development to execution – by integrating strategy-focused concepts, principles, and best practices into the fabric, cadence, and processes of the organisation.

To effectively undertake the responsibility, he worked with Messrs Palladium Consultants in developing the first Strategy Execution Framework in the Bank in 2012.

Also, he was responsible for the organisational transformation programme of the Bank.

As the Director of Strategy, he was also a member of the Monetary Policy Implementation Committee and the Financial Services Regulatory Coordination Committee, as well as an observer at the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meetings.

In 2016, Adamu was appointed Director, Human Resources Department of the Bank to give effect to the human resources transformation programme initiated during his role as Director, Strategy Management.

Until his nomination as deputy governor, he was tasked with developing the human capital assets of the central bank to be more innovative in dealing with current challenges, and becoming quickly adaptive to future changing needs.

Still No Confirmation Process

Despite his nomination as deputy governor-designate, Adamu would most likely face the same fate as other nominees of the president, as hopes that the Senate may soon consider the nominations of four members of the CBN’s MPC were dashed yesterday, when the legislative body doubled down on its position not to consider any nominations from the president not specified in the Constitution.

Senate President Bukola Saraki, speaking at plenary session, said the Senate remains bound by its resolution taken in March 2017.

The MPC was unable to hold its first meeting of this year last Monday, following its inability to form a quorum with eight positions on the 12-member committee vacant.

The meeting is crucial and enables the CBN to carry out one of its primary roles of setting interest rates and formulating monetary policies to ensure price stability and engender growth.

Owing to the inability of the MPC to hold its meeting, the CBN governor Godwin Emefiele, announced on Monday that the monetary policy rate, among other key ratios, decided by the committee at its November meeting, will be retained.

The confirmation process for Buhari’s nominations of Prof. Adeola Festus Adenikinju, Dr. Aliyu Rafindadi Sanusi, Dr. Robert Chikwendu Asogwa and Dr. Asheikh A. Maidugu as members of the MPC has been stalled by the executive-senate impasse over the confirmation of the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu.

Other nominations into top positions at the central bank that were also affected by the Senate’s resolution included the deputy governor-designate of the CBN, Ms. Aisha Ahmad, and five non-executive directors for the Bank.

Magu has been retained in an acting capacity despite his rejection twice by the Senate, which declined to confirm him as the substantive head of the anti-graft agency.

The impasse was made worse by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo’s comment that the position of the EFCC chairman does not require the confirmation of the Senate, as it was not specified in the constitution, compelling the Senate to state that it will seek legal interpretation of his remark.

Given its stance, the Senate resolved to suspend the confirmation process for all nominees of the president, arguing that the executive cannot choose what laws to obey and what laws not to obey.

Saraki’s statement wednesday confirmed recent reports by THISDAY that the upper legislative chamber was not willing to budge on its resolution on the matter.

The Senate President did not specifically refer to the MPC, but his comment was made in reaction to a point of order raised by Senator Mao Ohuabunwa regarding nominations into the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Ohuabunwa had observed that while the board of the commission had been inaugurated and was functional, about three states out of the nine oil-producing states were not represented on the board.

Their nominations were affected by the Senate’s resolution.

The senator, however, appealed that the outstanding NDDC nominees be exempted from the resolution, as the process for their confirmation was already ongoing before the resolution was passed to suspend the confirmation process.

“I am bringing this before you to consider and allow the committee to complete the screening, as these two or three states are left unattended to. Things are moving on, the commission is working and that is why I have come to you this morning to exempt NNDC from that resolution,” Ohuabunwa said.

Saraki, however, ruled that the appeal could only be considered if the process had already begun before the resolution was taken.

“I am happy that you made reference to the fact that we all here at the Senate passed a resolution on this matter. The issue you just raised, we will look at it to see if the exercise started before the resolution.

“I know this resolution we took it in March, I remember at the end of March last year. So the secretariat should check the records.

“If it (confirmation process) had started before (the resolution), we will look into it, but if it had started after, except that resolution is rescinded we are all bound by that resolution,” Saraki said.

  • This generation matter

    Another Clannishness and nepotism appointment, at the end no good result

  • Olusola Olusina Micheal

    let the NASS continue to try to ground their own govt cos of the issue of one person…pennywise pond foolish ,ego driven men would soon come to a sorry the time the APC lost their ruling party posotion men Like Saraki would become yesterdays men …smh

    • Don Franco

      Bukola Saraki is a PDP mole inside the APC… surely, you’d have figured that out by now. Just watch what himself and Tambuwal will do to the Certificateless One at the 11th hour of the election. … there’s an insidious game going on here…

  • lord vuga

    Before “ haters” and other allied bigots start their lamentations about the gmb planning to islamise nigeria , sincerely note that the said nominee is a CHRISTIAN and as a president you should nominate a candidate based on the advice and consultations with his several relevant senior adivsers and aides comprising of folks who arent northerners or fulani. Infact his most senior adviser on economy and national planning is from south south.

  • Romla

    When you look at the man’s CV you know for sure why this country is in crisis in every area.This is supposedly a potential CBN governor with a degree is quantity surveying in addition to “professional certifications” in areas which were probably cooked up to make the CV look good.
    Sooner or later he could become the CBN governor and then he will start to order around men and women better qualified,educated and more intellectual.
    I thought our President was sincere and change from this promotion of mediocre’ when I voted for him.This is part of why I have withdrawn my support for him and his party.


    Sarah Alade a southerner was replaced by a northerner Aisha Ahmad but Suleiman Barau is being replaced by another northerner!
    This has been buhari’s pattern, replacing southerners with northerners while replacing northerners with northerners.
    Thank you buhari.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Buhari’s nepotism and clannishness are very well known. Obasanjo has helped Nigeria by penning the illiterate certificate forger, perjurer and bigot’s denouement. The man is an orchestrated catastrophe, a choreographed calamity and an unmitigated disaster. Meanwhile, note also that the incoming Deputy Governor of Central Bank has a degree in quantity surveying!

      • Don Franco

        Dear Omooba,

        In a third-world banana republic of a Shithole, where the President doesn’t have School Cert, why are you amazed that a QS is a DG of the CBN?

    • Spoken word

      sarah alade is from Kwara.get your facts right


        Ok thanks.

        • Dan

          And this is how many Nigerians will have read your comments, accepted them as facts and have bloody arguments all over the place based on ethno-religious sentiments which is what you are spewing. All these online keyboard warriors sef.

          • Expose hypocrisy

            What about lopsided appointments against the Igbos. I like the way things are going right now in the country because it will make people to sit up and challenge Buhari and the North. It can only bring more unity to the South.

          • PRIME MINISTER

            It is a shame that you had this trash to say on an acknowledgement to a possible error. I had the option of keeping quite. It takes an upright person to publicly acknowledge a possible error.
            Sadly, your likes are forever thoughtless. Otherwise, you won’t say the trash that you did.

          • Don Franco

            Dan is right, Prime Minister! Your apologies to him should be in order. ..

      • Don Franco

        She’s Yoruba, that’s the point,

        • Spoken word

          i am sure the size of your brain and manhood are both tiny.not everyone from the north is fulani just like not everyone from kwara or kogi is must have gone to a school under a mango tree.

          • Don Franco

            Is she Yoruba or not; Is Bukola Saraki Yoruba or not; was Chief Sunday Awoniyi Yoruba? Does any decent “Northerner” see these three as northerners or as Yoruba?
            Since you’re so clever, visit the Yoruba Mosque in Maitama, Abuja, today, Friday; and tell me how many of your northerners you’ll find praying there. Is the centre of a circle the same as the cardinal north in geometry?
            Stop confusing political expedience as statements of fact. QED.

          • Spoken word

            it shows how little you know about your country.

          • Don Franco

            I’ve told you something for nothing. You ought to be grateful. ..

          • Spoken word

            olodo that knows nothing

          • Don Franco

            Some Mango, some tree. .. Spoken Word. Slaves do indeed prefer slavery to freedom, hence the founder of the great American underground railroad opined that she set free hundreds, but would have frees thousands if only they knew they were slaves.
            You’re honored place as a Banza Bakwai is assured. Do enjoy; I’d rather be free under a mango tree in the half of a yellow sun. Thank you.

          • Spoken word

            you must be a slave then

          • Don Franco

            I’m indeed a slave to truth and history.

          • Spoken word

            Lol.Truth and History are both alien to you.

    • Expose hypocrisy

      This is confirmation of what the Igbos have saying about Buhari’s lopsided appointments that excluded them from any sensitive post in Nigeria, but then, other people din’t speak up because it assumed that Igbos didn’t vote him, but what is happening to those that voted for him in terms of appointments have proven that Buhari is seriously working on a hidden agenda.

  • Don Franco

    I don’t see how the this country is not the worse-off victim of this war of attrition between the Executive and the Senate. Imagine the sorry situation where monetary policy committee meetings are NOT being held because a quorum could not be formed due to nonconfirmation of CBN directors. ..
    Zoo. Nnmadi Kanu was so right about the lot of you.