Olusegun Obasanjo (standing right) with the parents and other family members of his late wife, Stella

Years after the Grim Reaper visited the home of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and left with his beloved wife, Stella, he has gone through the numbing gamut of grief, denial, anger and dejection. Stella died after a major surgery. If money were enough, he could have mustered the whole world to save her and fulfil his vows that they would grow grey together but death had other tragic plans. Of course, it was hard for him, like it would for anyone else who loses a loved one especially one of the hue of the adorable Stella, to accept that they would never see again or look into the loving eyes of each other as they have for the past almost three decades.

The anger that he was helpless as his beloved surrendered to the cold hands of death and he couldn’t salvage her dovetailed into understandable dejection. But time heals all wounds.

Gradually, the former President has come to accept the reality of his wife’s death as the permanent reality. However, Obasanjo recently paid a visit to the family of his late wife, Stella, in Iruekpen, Edo state. The former president was received by the former first lady’s parents, her father Christopher Abebe, who is almost 100years, and her mother Theresa, who is almost 90, and other family members. Stella married to Obasanjo in 1976 and their Union produced a son Muyiwa. She Succumbed to complications arising from a tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgery procedure, on October 23, 2005 in Malaga, Spain.

But tragic as her demise is, her family, friends and other loved ones may seek consolation in the fact that even in death, the infinitely generous and compassionate woman has gone on to join the heavenly choir. Described as a peace-loving, easy-going woman who did not allow her husband’s immense wealth becloud her sense of humanity and compassion for the less privileged, she was the support beam in the overall architecture of his life which made those around him think he would collapse. But providence offered him a supportive shoulder to cry on. And this he did without restraint. He loved his wife dearly. But the dead is gone and buried, with only the sweet memories of their beautiful time together to hold on to. Life has to go on. Life is indeed going on well for Baba.