Seriki Adinoyi in Jos
Kassim Ibrahim Street in Jos city centre went agog on Monday when the youths of the area, pastors and members of the Evangelical Outreach Ministries international (EBOMI) prevented the operatives of the Department of State Service (DSS) from arresting the General Overseer of the church, Isa El-Buba.
The security agents reportedly laid siege at the church till 11:30p.m. on Monday, but were prevented from arresting the pastor by the valiant youths, after which they retreated.

Addressing the press yesterday afternoon, El-Buba said: “What transpired was that the DSS invaded my house and my church premises and wanted to have me (arrested) on Monday night.
“They came in their numbers, including a Deputy Director to have me in connection with the Cross Over national broadcast I made to Nigerians” on the New Year eve.
He said: “I stand by my words,” adding that he was neither scared nor intimidated by their invasion. “Why should I be scared when I am saying the truth? Righteousness exalt a nation, but sin brings reproach. I said in my broadcast that the unrighteousness that Nigeria will not do anyone of us any good. And I stand by it.

“This is because our generation and generation yet unborn will suffer if we refuse to do the right thing. Nigeria is a great nation, but we must uphold righteousness to be able to stand among great nations. So, I have just said that the right thing should be done in our nation, and I do not have anything against anyone.”
He said he was only advocating for justice for the nation to move forward.
El-Buba, who was flanked by other senior pastors from other churches in Jos that had come on solidarity visit, noted that the killings going on across Nigeria must stop, and all Nigerians must rise up together and ensure that it stops

The DSS allegedly accused the cleric of recently preaching an inciting sermon in which he challenged Christians to use their voter cards to vote out “wickedness” in government.
The development has drawn wide condemnation from human rights activists and other observers who believed that his right to freedom of expression was being arbitrarily trampled upon.
The DSS has been on rampage in Jos since last week when it also arrested and harassed Evangelist Jeremiah Datim and his family in Jos for allegedly ‘converting’ a 19-year old Muslim undergraduate of Bingham University, Miss Nabila Umar Sanda, the daughter of Galadima Biu.
Nabila and her friend, Simput Dafup were also arrested by the DSS and taken to an unknown location.
Datim was falsely accused of forcibly abducting Nabila, an allegation he vehemently denied, challenging the DSS to present Nabila before the press for a public testimony on her conversion to Christianity.