Stella and son, Ibrahim

Nseobong Okon-Ekong

Ibrahim, one of singer, Stella Monye’s two children and her only son is in dire need of corrective surgery to his damaged urethra which has led to other complications including kidney disease. Ibrahim was 10 years when he fell on a sharp object that pierced deep into his scrotum. An initial surgery created more problems which necessitated an appeal for public support championed by Dr. Raymond Dokpesi and the late Christy Essien-Igbokwe.

Today, Ibrahim is 27 and has gone under the surgeon’s knife many times because the surgery collapses frequently. In recent months, a distraught Stella who had borne the excruciating burden of an enduring treatment for her son, cried out. “No mother should to go through my agony with her child. You do not wish that on any mother, not even a wicked witch. Each morning, I clean my son’s opened stomach. Every week, we go into the hospital because of infections to his injuries, opened stomach and for his kidney dialyses. His urethra is damaged. This process has caused him kidney disease. Ibrahim lives with tubes inserted in his lower abdomen. My heart is darkness of pain. I see clouds of trauma, every day. His lower abdomen has been slashed open for two years: a tube is connected to his bladder to help him discharge his bodily fluids. We fight infections all the time with endless visits to the hospital and with antibiotic prescriptions. My home is a mini chemist. I do not know how that boy is still alive.”

For the second time, Stella who initially rejected all entreaties to go public with Ibrahim medical condition, ate the humble pie. The glimmer of hope which is being offered from a specialist doctor in Indiana, USA, for constructive surgery would cost N35 Million.

The amount is way beyond her reach. Unable to watch life ebb out of her son slowly, she has taken the desperate option of going public again. “I can’t continue take the weights of my sorrows to sleep every night, hoping for miracle to happen. I do not know how much time I have left in my life. Anything can happen at any time. I am in the early evenings of my life. Who will care for Ibrahim if I fall now? Who will wipe his urine, clean his sore open belly, clean the inlet to the tube that connects to his bladder? Who will empty his urine for him, wake up every three hours at night to wipe him up, change his wet clothes and or help him to the toilet? My Son’s bladder is ruptured, so it bleeds into his abdomen, mixing with his urine: it is always infected. The doctors here tried to treat him recently, but recommended I took him outside Nigeria for corrective surgery. His kidney is swollen and lacerated. This painful process has impacted his kidney.”

Ibrahim who had his primary and secondary education at Chrisland Schools in Ikeja-Lagos dreamt of becoming a computer engineer or a pilot, but this has been truncated by his frequent visit to the surgeons.