Vanessa Obioha

Their names do not easily ring a bell but their father’s name does. Although, he is now widely recognized as a politician, Hon. Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma popularly known as EJ is famous in the entertainment industry.

His state of the art recording studio in Edo state is still an eight world wonder to those in the industry. He even blows his own trumpet, recalling his unflinching support to top-notch American artistes like LL Cool J back in the day. With his undying love for music even if he never carried the mic, it was expected that having his progeny toeing similar part will be embraced by him. But that was not the case. Education was paramount for EJ, so when his wife, Itohan hinted to him that his two boys, Eghosa Rodney and Osazuwa Michael have musical talents, he shrugged it off and insisted that they face their studies. However, today he is proud that his wife convinced him to give them a chance because the siblings now flying with the stage name Roze are enjoying the early joys of stardom. Their official single “The whole Night’ is already a hit in the U.S. ad it is expected to replicate the good reviews in Nigeria.

Born in Houston, Texas, January 11, 1998 and July 30, 1999 to Nigerian-American parents, later relocated to the home country of their parents, Nigeria, where they did their primary and secondary school education. Once done with their secondary school education, they moved back to Houston where they are now studying Petroleum Engineering and Architecture at the University of Houston and Houston Community College in Texas, United States of America respectively.

In their high school, Immaculate Conception College (ICC), both brothers were known for their musical talent in their class. Zuwa (Osazuwa) was known in his set to be one of the best rappers they had, while Row (Rodney) was known to be one of the best vocalist they had. Ever since their childhood, both brothers have had a passion for music and affinity with several genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Country and many others. They always seem to mention how they do not restrict themselves from various genres of music. However, what really did the magic for them was the popular 1965 American musical drama film produced and directed by Robert Wise, The Sound of Music. They fiddled around making beats and writing songs, until they got the attention of their father through the help of their mother. EJ would go as far as taking them to recording studios to record the songs they had written, staying by their side day and night in the studio, as they worked with music producers. Their mother, elated by their talent, love, and passion for music, would play their songs joyfully.

Roze first appeared in 2014 while working on a test project, titled ‘Time to Party,’ which was never released. However, they later appeared again in 2016, being introduced to producer, Mekoyo, who has produced for artist such as Style Plus. Out of the several songs recorded by Roze, the hit song titled “The Whole Night,” already making waves in the US, was decided to be released in Africa. The video for the track is directed by Clarence Peters. The single is an afro-pop with bearings of western pop, which speak volumes of their artistry.

At a time when music group breakup seemed to be rife with the recent breakup of twin superstars, P-Square, concerns were raised if Roze would be immune to such split.

“It is music. If any one of us wants to go solo, he can. It doesn’t hinder our progress. We can as well come together and make music. It is no big deal if we decide to go solo.”

While they may not be too familiar with the Nigerian music industry, the siblings have at least identified with wave making artistes like Wizkid for future collaborations.