Hosa Okunbo

Capt. Hosa Okunbo was probably content to see no other verdure than his lawn’s on his 60th birthday. He probably wished to feel no other breeze than his blown through his mansion’s grand alcoves until the d-day. Nosa, his ravishing wife, had a shocker for him, a pleasant shocker to be precise, in Seychelles.

Seychelles will not forget in a hurry, the day ravishing Nosa feted friends and family in her husband’s honour. The exotic nation became the masque of high festivity and a pleasant place for rare merriment as Nosa celebrated her sweetheart, Capt. Hosa Okunbo, as he clocked 60. Nosa endeavoured to give her husband a treat befitting royalty as she hosted the crème of Nigeria and global high society to a grand anniversary in honour of her husband.

At the beginning of the event, business associates, friends and family thronged the venue like a flock of sheep responding to the shepherd’s summons. Expectedly, of an event of high net worth individuals, there was plenty to eat and drink. The tables heaved with choice food and liquor and the party rocked to music from A-list artistes.

There is no gainsaying Capt. Hosa’s birthday offered his ravishing wife yet another opportunity to establish her undying love and devotion to him. In many ways, Hosa and Nosa’s love could be likened to an oak and that is because nothing could be more representative of their love than a beautiful, strong tree. Thus as friends, family and business associates made merry and dined with the Okunbos, Nosa, the chief hostess and heartthrob of the celebrant regaled whoever cared to listen with endearing recap of the first encounter that blossomed into a lifetime commitment between them. She recounted memories of her first awakening into love with the man that is now her husband and best friend forever. As she did, palpable joy washed over her and coursed through her entire frame and psyche like the warm, giddy ecstasy that trails teenager’s first lingering, passionate kiss.