President Muhammadu Buhari and former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Loud Whispers

My lord was recently asked what his position was regarding our President’s second term ambition and he was said to have responded that it was too early. Well, you see why I admire this Baba. Rather than jump into the fray prematurely, he would take his time to access the situation properly before taking his decision knowing full well that his weight would go a long way in determining the eventual outcome of the polls.

So my daddy, while pondering, kindly look at the handling of the economy by the incumbent, the handling of all the issues that affect us as Nigerians; issues I will spare us on this page and to also consult very widely amongst all concerned both within the Presidents’ group and without with a view to arrive at a position that would be best for all Nigerians. Me sef, I am here waiting to be consulted, I tell you. Please Baba do not limit yourself and also consider other potential candidates even Atiku sef. The most important thing here is Nigeria. I am making this public appeal because once Baba has spoken, that is it o. He has never missed it o.

The Killing Fields of Nigeria
What else can a writer do than to cry and lament on the pages of his script the seeming unending killing of our people? The sheer gruesome methods used bring to the fore the collapse of national cohesion. Only the very strong-hearted will see these pictures and would not break down tears. The killing is too much; blood is flowing from the lush plains of the Benue basins through the hills of Plateau and Taraba and all we see are lame attempts at controlling same. The solution is not the grazing bill; it is definitely not the nomadic education. It is a forceful corralling of the perpetrators and throwing them into the judicial system to serve as a deterrent to others. This has gone way too long to be allowed to continue. Why are we dialoguing with bare-faced killers?

Rotimi Amaechi: Is This True?
We are hearing news of your appointment as the DG of President Buhari’s re-election bid. In fact, the Rivers State APC has already congratulated you and sent a strong signal showing their confidence in your ability. Me too I don’t doubt you o as you have over the years shown that you are a consummate and strategic politician.

The only difference now is that unlike in the past, public opinion may not really be in your candidate’s favour. You are no longer the executive governor of Rivers State. Power is in comatose, your transportation sector has not been doing well and a rash of unresolved corruption cases would make your task this time a little bit more difficult. Anyway, I still think you can do it. It is not such an impossible task. Just remain focused and build a strong team around you. I am sure you will smile at the end of the day. Meanwhile, I think you should think up a plan B just in case we do not achieve desired results. You can go into consultancy, open a barbershop, hair salon, fashion, etc. There is so much more a man of your talent can do if push comes to shove. Pele, e no go easy.

Mo Abudu and the Wedding Party
That it was a commercial success cannot be denied. I hear the movie has grossed over N500m so far in box office takings and I still dey here dey press laptop. Mo seems to have found the Midas touch. The first part of this movie also grossed over half a billion and this second one is cruising beyond that mark in its early weeks. What can I say but well done to Mo. People have been begging me to yab you, trying to pick holes in the creative output of the work. But my sister, what matters is the money, égo. With those kinds of figures you can put a mad man on the screen and I will pay to watch. Well done. Will there be a part three?

Are Ona Kakanfo: Who is He?
You know I like looking for trouble. Before you guys bring out your amulets to curse me, I know him o. He is Gani Adams, the generalissimo of the Yoruba race. This is to send my congratulatory message to him as he goes into seclusion in preparation for his coronation as the definitive Are Ona kankanfo of Yoruba land. This is a landmark occasion for the Yoruba race as he has been in the forefront of the propagation of not only the Yoruba culture but its continued relevance in the scheme of things globally. I would be sending a delegation to the coronation as the Duke of Shomolu because by tradition, I cannot attend the coronation of a superior. Congrats egbon mi.

The Butcher Daughter has Cancer
My friend and brother, Folarin brought him to me. He is a butcher, the ones we call eleran and his daughter has cancer. He did not have N56,000 for the next round of tests. I did not also have so what did we do? I sent out a WhatsApp message to my friends to assist with just N1,000 each and we were able to realise N588,000.00. I want to thank these my friends especially that one that wants to remain anonymous who sent in N200,000.00. I want to really thank you guys. We have only just begun.