Traffic Robbers Attack THISDAY Director


Chiemelie Ezeobi

A Director in THISDAY Newspaper, Mr. Emmanuel Efeni, was thursday attacked by traffic robbers at the Ijora area of Lagos.

The incident occurred at about 8 a.m while he was on his way to the office.

The hoodlums who took advantage of the perennial traffic snarl at the Apapa area of the state, unleashed mayhem on him, dispossessing them of his mobile phone and smashing his vehicle glass.

The robbery incident happened barely 20 metres from the Area B Police Command and the Apapa Police Division.

Recounting his experience he said: “I was attacked and dispossessed of my phone on the Ijora bridge at about 6.10a.m. on my way to the office this morning (Thursday).

“The hoodlum smashed the side glass of my car and dived into my car to remove my phones but succeeded in taking only one as I struggled to get out of the gridlock.

“I thank God that apart from slight cuts from flying pieces of glass, I was not hurt, although shaken by the experience.”

THISDAY gathered that in the last two weeks, over 12 persons have been robbed on the Apapa-Ijora bridge, with many losing valuable and getting injured

Armed with axes and machetes, the gang in gestapo style, share themselves to cars stuck in the traffic and rob them of their valuables.

Sometimes, the robbers usually hold sway at the entire axis for minutes before escaping unhindered with their getaway motorbikes, which are stationed at the other side of the road facing the National Theatre.

  • omodafididafidi

    From all indications the items were on full display on the seat of the car for the robber to see and subsequently shop. Plain rule number one do not display valuable items openly in your car in go slow.

  • Aare

    The man that was robbed said it happened at 6.10am, yet your reporter still wrote that the robbery occurred at 8am.
    You complain that the robbery occurred few meters to Area B Police station, yet the policeman were unable to intervene… yet you display the same gross incompetence in your own work when your reporters and editors don’t intervene to prevent contradictory information being fed to your readers. Shikena!

    • omodafididafidi