Alistair Soyode


…Happenings in the Diaspora

Founder of Europe’s first ethnic television station, BEN TV based in London, Mr. Alistair Soyode has got a big plan up his sleeves for the coming 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Anyone who is familiar with Alistair’s mode of operation and passion can tell that he is always committed to problem-solving social initiatives and investments.

The former President of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDEO), Europe, is one of the leading voices behind the call to the Nigerian government for the inclusion of Nigerians living abroad in Nigeria’s electoral process through what is called Diaspora Voting.

The serial entrepreneur has also offered perspectives on policies at different government levels both in the UK and Nigeria and has set out groups such as the Diaspora Mentoring Corps all of which are geared towards enabling Nigeria to make the best use of the capacity of its vast Diaspora population and helping Diasporans to connect with greater opportunities.

Recently Alistair has been involved with a new project called YES Nigeria Movement and it’s been said that this latest initiative came about essentially for the 2019 elections.

Presently, it’s been confirmed that the YES movement runs a Whatsapp group which has many brilliant Nigerians from different professional backgrounds as members and their usually profound discussions in the group have been on the quality of leadership for elective positions in the coming general elections and the need to strengthen the capacity and independence of Nigeria’s electoral body, INEC.

Though it has been suggested that the influential founder of BEN TV will be setting up structure in Nigeria soon for serious political action and also throw his hat in the ring for a contest, Alistair is yet to confirm or deny this growing insinuations.

Whether this is the real situation or not, Nigeria’s present state calls for as many capable Nigerians as possible, home and away, to build important structures and also put themselves forward for elective positions. Enough of the recruitment of mediocrity in Nigerian leadership!