As the music industry continues to lean towards digital format for its business and other production operations, a music booking agency and management outfit in Lagos, StageRave Entertainment, is taking the notch higher. The company recently launched its new website which proffers an easy way for the public to book the artiste of their choice, engage with them and get a comprehensive update about their schedules, tours, and upcoming events.

Owned by Joseph Samuel-Iwok, an employee of Africori—a leading digital music distribution, licensing, and publishing company promoting the wealth of Africa around the world–the company is targeted to meet three basic demands: to serve as a music booking agency that gives exposure to the artistes; a platform for the management of upcoming talents and established artistes, thus creating the right opportunities that will see these artistes walk into stardom; and bridging the gap between identifying talents and making them profitable for investors to get good returns on their investment.

“Investors don’t want to invest in upcoming talents in Nigeria because they’re scared they will not make a profitable return on their investment,” said Joseph Samuel-Iwok, “This is why we have created this platform, to bridge the gap between identifying talents and creating the opportunities for individuals and corporate organisations to invest and make profit. We have just taken a major step to simplify the process by creating the website.”

Members of the public (individuals, churches and corporate organisations) can book the artiste of their choice for live performances, corporate events, church programmes and other specialised services like voice over, studio sessions etc., on the website.

StageRave Entertainment is a dynamic success driven organisation with a high sense of commitment and deep interest in developing talents, managing established artistes and harnessing opportunities for investors to reap a rewarding return for their investment. The company is connected to Africori. This makes it possible for the music content of artistes on the platform to get the deserved promotion and circulation it needs so as get to its audience around Africa and all over the world.