The people we get along with, trust and feel simpatico with are the strongest links in our networks. Ask UK-based, Bimbo Philip, the beautiful wife of Folarin Philip, she knows.

There is no union of hearts that does not meet its end; friends after friends leave each other, but comrades in true spirit stay. With them, the deep, tightly woven fabric of affection glistens even with wear and the inescapable vicissitudes of companionship and emotional life. This much is exemplified in the enviable friendship between Titilola Adenuga, the joyfully beautiful wife of Africa’s richest billionaire extraordinaire, and Bimbo Philip. Little wonder you see both of them together like Siamese twins. Few women are wrought like these two beautiful women. They garnish love with meekness and extend sweet, silky hands of affection to their loved ones.

Titilola does not discriminate in love and generosity to Bimbo’s children. There is no gainsaying Bimbo who works with the government in London exemplifies a totally modern yet timeless construct of audaciousness and femininity, which manifests as a blend of dashing individuality, genius and noble pedigree. Folk who are familiar with her beginnings and ascent earnestly attest to her industry. She worked hard to attain her current status and she is far removed from the contemporary alpha female stereotype that glorifies flamboyance, self-aggrandizement and narcissism above substance. Funnily enough, angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

They do not think too much of themselves, so does Titilola. Like an angel, she takes herself very lightly despite her social standing. There is no gainsaying she affects demeanour and tact alien to Nigeria’s league of leading women among the upper class; she wears her badge of temperance and humility in the shape of a bow of ribbon.