GM, Tejuoso Property Development Company Limited, Mr. Edward Stevenson

Mary Ekah

Saddled with the enormous burden of putting in place, the new ultra-modern Tejuoso Shopping Centre in the heart of Yaba for the public convenience of Lagosians, the General Manager of Tejuoso Property Development Company Limited, Edward Stevenson, is determined to transform the erstwhile small fragmented Tejuoso Market to the biggest ambitious shopping centre in the country.

Gone are the days when the once boisterous Tejuoso Market was known for traffic chaos. Presently, Stevenson through his meticulous efforts and team work has brought normalcy to the market and its environs.

Speaking on the efforts his company has put in bringing decency and orderliness to the once rowdy market, Stevenson said, “We have an underground car park that can hold 350 cars, so to get to the complex, you go to the top of Tejuoso and come in through the underground where we have the car park. We are talking to a management company that will be managing the car park for the entire complex. When we are fully open, the first month will be free parking. But afterwards, we will be charging a fee. That is because we do not want a situation where people come from all over the areas to park or abandon their car here. The entire car park space has to be for customers coming to shop here.”

Stevenson, who said his company, was considering convenience, relaxation and entertainment even within the shopping environment, added, “My mandate when I came here was to create a shopping centre instead of an open market. I had to create larger shops that appeal to the people on the street and at the same time appeal to the guy up there in the corporate world. So we had to turn things around, merge shops, make it attractive and enable shopper’s easy movement.”

Although the Tejuoso Shopping Complex has been operating for about a year now, Stevenson revealed that it is yet to be fully opened, adding, “We are opening in sections because people have been through a difficult time in the last two years. Many who booked for the shops have not begun operations yet. But with the latest opening of SPAR here, that will jumpstart other things. So I guarantee that there is going to be amazing highest foot traffic in all the stores in this shopping centre.”

And for those who are yet to book for space in the market, he said there was still opportunity for them as there are still shops available.