Oladipupo on the sick bed

Solomon Elusoji

In 2015, Lawal Adedipupo joined a team of amateur space scientists at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) to launch a balloon into space and measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. A pioneering member of FUTA’s Space Club – the largest of its kind in Africa – Adedipupo is a rising technology star with a promising future. But, since Adedipupo got involved in a ghastly accident some months back, his once effervescent light is beginning to blink.

“He was very instrumental to the success of all the projects we did when he was around,” one of his close friends, Temidayo Oniosun, told THISDAY. “He’s the kind of person who is not okay with the status quo. He is very passionate about not just living but making significant impact in the society.”

Oniosun, who is also a Space Scientist and Software Developer, noted that Dipo as he is fondly called by his admirers is equally a great footballer with outstanding skills, but has been divorced from his favourite sport since he was involved in the road accident in late 2016, one that has permanently destroyed his spine.

“Oladipupo also plays good football,” he said. “He is so good that he can make it at the professional stage. It is unfortunate that he has been unable to do this since he had the accident. Dipo is no ordinary person. He is one of those few people who make others believe in this country. Losing him will be a great loss to our nation.”

Signed by Dr. Oluwakemi Aderonke and addressed to the Registrar of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, his medical report from the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, reveals that he has been diagnosed of traumatic myelopathy. The document also states that as a result of an accident in which he was involved, he is unable to move his upper and lower limbs, and has bisphincteric dysfunction and numbness below the shoulder level. In simpler terms, he is unable to do anything for himself and by himself.

To bounce back to life, Dipo urgently needs N12 million to undergo a stem cell transplant, the only known procedure that can make him lead a normal life; he will also acquire an electric and manual combined wheel chair to aid his movement and plastic surgery to heal the bedsores suffered as a result of his long-term confinement to the bed. To contribute to Adedipupo’s recovery, send donations to Lawal Adedipupo Hafiz, First Bank, 3120267225