Emma Okonji

One of the world’s leading web-hosting company, HUB8 has given reasons why it decided to provide free web hosting in Nigeria, saying it is important to organisations to own website, including small businesses (SMEs).

HUB8 stated this in a report on the use of domain names in the national domain of Nigeria named, .ng.

Director for Emerging Markets at HUB8, Mr. Dmitry Deniskin, said: “We want to make it possible for all Nigerians to have a personal or business website without worrying about the cost.”

Deniskin explained that HUB8, as a global web hosting company, is helping brands and individuals to easily set up a website, adding that the company’s ultimate goal is to become a growth partner for individuals and small enterprises in emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

He disclosed that HUB8 has created a page on their website dedicated to .ng domain – https://ng.hub8.com/ng-domain.
“There is a directory of all active .ng websites made up as a Nigerian flag. By clicking on the flag you will be redirected to the one of the active .ng websites so you can understand how the typical Nigerian website look,” Deniskin said.

According to the HUB8’s report, Nigeria is losing about 72 per cent of the revenue it should be generating through local hosting of websites to the United State of America, even as registered .ng domains have hit 100,973 as at November 30, 2017.

The report noted that, out of the 34,000 sites profiled, less than 1,000 are located in Nigeria, which is only 2.3 per cent of the total. The country of origin for the remaining three per cent of sites could not be identified so Nigeria’s share is slightly larger, though still not comparable with the amount of hosting abroad.

The report, with special focus on the usage of .ng domains as it relates to website hosting, revealed that most popular domain zone is .com.ng, having almost 70 per cent of all national domains registered, with regards to distribution of the domain zones.

The number of zones identified by the study include .com.ng; .ng; .org.ng; .gov.ng and .edu.ng with number of domains being 61,609 (69.1 per cent); 15,353 (17.2 per cent); 6,077 (6.8 per cent); 1,738 (1.9 per cent and 996 (1.1 per cent) respectively. Others such domain zones include .net.ng; .name.ng; .sch.ng; .i.ng; .mobi.ng and .mil.ng, all which have less than one per cent market share.

In terms of active websites, the HUB8 report noted that there are currently 38,864 websites in the .ng domain, not including the sites that fail to open to the connection timeout, redirects and the ones throwing an error, such as page is not found.