Benjamin Nworie in Abakaliki

The member representing Ikwo/ Ezza South federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Lazarus Ogbee, wednesday lamented that since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office, everything in the country has changed for the worst, indicating that he was not competent to rule the country.

The federal lawmaker noted that the three years of Buhari’s administration have become a waste as it has not impacted meaningfully on the lives of the people.

Ogbe made this known while interacting with journalists at his country home at Onueke, Ebonyi State, urged him to wakeup to his responsibilities and improve the lives of Nigerians.

The lawmaker further urged the president to stop his blame games and do all he can in this 2018 to ensure that all his campaign promises are implemented to better the lives of Nigerians.

He said: “From the speech of the president, we have been abreast again with rhetorics. Nigerians have been known as a people who prefer paper messages and doing little to the populace, most especially this administration.

“From 2015 that the change mantra came into being, it has been stories and stories. 2016 came, they were still preparing for governance. 2017 came, the world stood still waiting for another chapter of governance and very soon, it will be three years of the administration and no meaningful impact has been created on the lives of the masses.

“Nearly everything in the country has changed for the worst. Is it the transportation system? The prices of transportation have skyrocketed. Is it the food items in the market? The prices have changed negatively. We pray that the president of the country should wakeup to its responsibilities. The change mantra should not be on the lips and on pages of newspaper. It should actually impact on the lives of the people positively.

“The economy of the country has nosedived from what it used to be when former President Goodluck Jonathan handed over. And we cannot continue to blame the past administration.

“Government they say, is a continuum. Bring in your own ideas and those things you had in mind that you told Nigerians that you would bring to their door steps, bring it, to improve the lives of the people. That is what we are saying.

“For me, I am a member of the PDP, the great PDP, and I know that if we get power back at the centre, we will give Nigerians the needed democracy dividends and they will be happy about it.

“2018 is a very good year for APC to change and bring live back to Nigerians. But in all, I think they are not prepared for governance. For us in the PDP that knows how to govern a country as large as Nigeria, we will be back on the saddle of leadership,” he stressed.