Full Time! The Return of Maryam Abacha

  • How she dazzled everyone at Dogara’s 50th birthday ceremony

Her femininity is sturdy enough to withstand anything; even desolateness and ruined careers. But for all the misery she has had to endure, Maryam Abacha, former First Lady, has waded out of the sinking sands of grief with well-healed scratches and scars of defeat. Maryam has smothered the agony and disappointment of her husband’s damaged reputation to chance on joy; rather than mope and wallow eternally in self-pity, she has chosen to rediscover happiness and contentment.

However, to her loved ones, Maryam Abacha is rare gem. For an ordinary person, the hurdles she had been forced to cross would have been both daunting and disastrous but she survived and subsequently gave the social scene a wide berth for many years. Today, Hajia Maryam Abacha is back with a bang and has launched herself back into the buzz of Nigeria’s high society. She was a cynosure of eyes last Tuesday at Speaker Yakubu Dogara’s 50thbirthday ceremony.

However, as she would turn 71 in few months, Maryam clings to the gift of life and a second chance, like dependable friars on the Alp. Having attained that curve in her life when words can no longer varnish her deeds to make up for her misdeeds, she hangs on to acquiescence to guide her across the moors and uncertain expanse of her twilight. Irrespective of her travails, she stands strapping and ageless.