Yes, Lagos listed to their grace, like a vessel tilting to the splendorous splash of the Atlantic. Last Tuesday, the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Ogun State,

Otunba Bimbo Ashiru, and his beautiful wife, Kemi, celebrated their wedding anniversary and his birthday at their Magodo residence. The couple’s wedding anniversary was no doubt an exhibition of pageantry and class; the Ashirus have a reputation for understatement but in honour of their blissful matrimony, they threw subtlety overboard. The event was well attended by friends and associates of Bimbo. As the A-list guests wined and dined and slipped into jolly moods, the Ashirus thrilled their palates and souls to the choicest of exotic meals, music and liquor. They held court and provide ample space and materials for their distinguished guests to hobnob in a sumptuous royal gathering designed to rival the best of the filthy rich’s parties.

The Ashirus’ wedding anniversary was undoubtedly a spectacle of grandeur; among other things, it reflected the couple’s impeccable taste and high sense of fashion, order and splendour. The elaborate event, which paraded top politicians, respected technocrats, society big wigs and captains of industry, saw the guests shuffle and nod to the liveliest and most delightful musical tunes. As the guests thrilled to delightful music, their hair stood on end and they tipped over in merriment – their joy spilling from their souls into the air and sky high into the blue firmament.

The Ashiru’s residence exploded inwards and outwards in colorful bursts, the bass and treble guitars black strumming and buzzing to mesh with the cymbals and drums in a thunder clap. Enthralled, the guests moved in gaiety, tap dancing and swaying to the beat as if they meant to enact a beach rave or simulate an indoor Ibiza. The melody reverberated through the halls and passageways of their posh apartments and spilled into the atmosphere, drawing excited and muted sighs of pleasure from their invited guests and neighbours. Bimbo played the perfect host; and so did his wife, Kemi, whose warm and comforting smile seemed etched on her face throughout the birthday party. Bimbola is a man’s man.