Coca-Cola Introduces Additions to 5  Alive Family


Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, one of the country’s leading beverage companies has announced the launch of new variants to its Five Alive brand.  

The latest arrivals to the 5Alive juice family are 35cl 5Alive Tropical, 35cl 5Alive Apple and 85cl 5Alive Pulpy Orange. The introduction of these new flavours brings to 10 the number of 5Alive variants in the market to include 1L Citrus Burst, Berry Blast, Apple, Pineapple Punch, Cocopine, Orange and 40cl 5Alive Pulpy Orange.

“The additional variants to the 5Alive beverage family are refreshing. This juice brand remains one-of-a-kind in the Nigerian juice market and is regarded as the perfect breakfast partner. All the 5Alive variants give consumers the mouth-filling and sensorial experience of refreshment adding to our ‘Made in Nigeria for Nigeria’ range of beverages,” said Gbolahan Sanni, Marketing Manager in charge of Flavours and Still Beverages at Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited. 

The 5Alive brand comprises of a unique line of fruit juice, nectar and drink blends that provide our consumers with a rich, nourishing, fruity, and deeply satisfying taste, which keeps them wanting more. 

The current 5 Alive  slogan, “Made with Nature” has over the years transformed into reality in the minds of our consumers. The brand’s unique selling proposition lies in the great, tasty, fruity, and refreshing taste that the brand and product, 5Alive, provides, perfect for anytime of the day, especially at breakfast.  

Designed to be the beverage of choice for families, the new 5Alive variants will also meet the needs of young people who love innovation and are adventurous, desirous of a refreshing change from the conventional juice drinks. This consumer segment, mostly young adults aged between 20 to 29 years old, are on-the-move and need regular juice hydration that can fit into their ever busy lifestyle. 

The New 5Alive variants, Apple and Tropical Fruits currently sell at retail prices of N130 and 85cl Pulpy for N300. 

Originally launched in Nigeria in 2003, Five Alive is a range of fruit juice drinks made from fruit juice, nectar and drink blends. It varies from both mono juice produced from a single fruit type and blends produced from a mixture of delicious tasting fruits. Both the mono and blends are further fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. 

The launch of these products is in keeping Coca-Cola’s focus of providing more choice to the consumer.