Death, the hideous grim reaper, sauntered into the life of Dr. Abayomi Finnih, the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist behind Finnih Medicals, Ikeja Lagos, and plucked a beautiful flower from his orchard. It has dealt the Finnih family a mortal hurt. So deep is their wound that the fairest of tributes and most soothing psycho-babble cannot extinguish the pain that afflicts their hearts. Bolaji died some days ago at the age of 42. Though the actual cause of the death of the owner of Impact Hub, Lagos, is yet sketchy.

He was gangling, gregarious and had a good head on his shoulders; every parent’s pride and hope for grey days. In fact, he was already being groomed by his father to take over his business conglomerate. The logic and import of his death no doubt makes the demise of Bolaji, a conundrum of sort. That is because the 42-year-old has hardly lived enough to become worthy of death or substantiate life’s sad logic of death and eternal desertion. Bolaji’s death is indeed bad news to the household of his family.

It was a devastating and distasteful death that has plunged the entire Finnih clan into a pall of gloom. Everybody with the Finnih suffix, friends, associates, and relatives of Dr. Abayomi particularly, has been unanimous in their grief. If he had one chance to make a wish, he would probably wish the death of his son was a mere nightmare. Watching him bemoan his fate, you could feel and touch his grief and like someone who has signed out on laughter, the sounds and melody of tumbrels and harps, for him, have stopped making any meaning for now.