Ice thaws, flames extinguish and the dashing groom soon becomes a bore as the ravishing bride fades in charm and élan. On this note, mischief makers insinuate that magic has departed the society marriage of ex-Edo governor, Adams Oshiomhole and Iara, his trophy wife. They claim that the couple has exhausted their love for Klieg-lights.

They draw inferences from half-truths or flimsy realities that wouldn’t stand the test of logic or superior reasoning; for instance, they argue that when the passion was hot and love was young between them, Adams and Iara attended every event together. They seemed inseparable as Iara tagged along at whatever public event Adams showed up and vice versa. But suddenly, the once inseparable couple has become distant from the social millieu, at least in the glamorous circuits of Nigeria’s high society, they claim.

Following Iara’s conspicuous absence from Adams’ side, the high society rumour mill has gone to work, spewing several explanations for the disconcerting disappearance of the former Edo governor’s wife from his side. Some people say she has retreated into her anonymous cocoon because she is pregnant. A source close to the couple disclosed that she is likely to return to her country (Cape Verde) any moment from now. From there she is expected to travel to the United States to deliver her baby secretly.

However, reality is very different from the pictures of pain and bleak reality painted by haters of the ex-Edo governor and his wife. People who should know however, confirmed that Adams is too much in love with the woman to let go of her. It would be recalled that Iara was granted Nigerian citizenship alongside 335 other foreign nationals some months ago; this among other things further established her undying love for Adams, claimed the latter’s apologists. The couple got married in 2015, in a two-part grand wedding ceremony held in Edo State, Nigeria and the bride’s homeland. .