APC will Be an Empty Party in 2019, Brags PDP

  • Threatens to sanction recalcitrant members
  • BoT chair warns against violation of party’s constitution

Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja and John Shiklam in Kaduna

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the ruling All Progressives Party (PDP) is becoming jittery over the progress being made by the opposition party to reposition it for the 2019 general election.

The party, which warned that it would not hesitate to sanction any of its members who becomes a willing tool in the hands of APC, said the ruling party is unsettled with the successful conclusion of its national convention.

“It is therefore imperative to inform all our members that our party is one, indivisible and united PDP, and that all organs of the party; the National Executive Committee (NEC), the Board of Trustees (BoT) as well as our state organs are all intact, thus foreclosing any basis for any form of factionalisation whatsoever.

“We urge any of our members who might feel strongly about the outcome of the generally accepted national convention to explore the opportunities provided by the Governor Seriake Dickson’s Reconciliation Committee in line with the constitution of our great party.

“Thereafter, any person who for any selfish reason resort to the ignoble part of attempting to create disaffection and disunity in our party will be made to face the consequences of his or her actions as provided for in the constitution of our great party and extant laws of the land.

According to the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Kola Olagbondiyan, who addressed journalists thursday, the APC which could not hold a convention as provided by its constitution is looking for ways to create crisis in the PDP where there is none.

Speaking about the 2019 presidency, the PDP spokesman said anyone who has interest in contesting the presidential ticket should join the party, adding that it is the only platform to occupy the seat of power in next election.
He said the APC would go into the race as an empty party.

“We are going to stand as a party and we are going to fiercely contest the election in 2019. Our doors are open to Nigerians and anyone who is interested in contesting election in 2019 can come in.

“I can assure you that majority of the people still hanging around in APC are coming back to the home, the PDP. APC is going to the next election as an empty party,” he said.

On why he feels the APC was responsible for the emergence of the splinter group, he said PDP has been monitoring the antics of the ruling party and is determined to checkmate them.

“The party National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, has been reconciliatory, he has met with some aggrieved members. We will not allow APC to distract us. APC has become very worried since our convention. As we speak, the constitution of APC requires them to hold convention every two years but they have not done so.

“They are so unsettled that PDP is progressing progressively. That is why they are looking for some people to cause confusion in our party, but we have gone beyond that. What is more important now is that we are embarking on membership drive to win more members back to PDP.

“It is no longer news that the ruling APC, having failed to scuttle the convention, has been frazzled and unhappy as they have realised that the convention marks a new beginning in our sure and steady step to rescue our dear nation and her people from the misrule of the APC.

“Recall that after our convention, the APC attempted to inject disagreement and rancor among our members, particularly in the Southwest, but also failed,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party BoT has warned that the it will no longer tolerate deliberate violation of the party’s constitution.

Chairman of the BoT, Senator Walid Jibrin, at a news conference yesterday in Kaduna said any attempt by anybody to ridicule and undermine the party.

“Through any planned or sponsored litigations,” will not be tolerated, no matter how highly place the person may be.

He said the party had witnessed enough of court cases, and advised party members to shun such actions that are detrimental to the PDP in the 2019 elections.

He declared the support of the BoT to the new leadership of the party led by Secondus.
Jibrin appealed to all party members to support Secondus to move the PDP forward, adding that those aggrieved should follow due process in seeking redress for their grievances.

He said the PDP cannot afford to be plunged into another crisis as the 2019 general election approaches.
Walid called on all those who lost the chairmanship election to Secondus to see the outcome of the election as an act of God.

“The BoT also is calling on all aspirants to shun dragging the party to court as this is a violation of our constitution that provided all avenues for redress before embarking on any court case” he said.
Walid commended chairman of the convention reconciliation committee and Governor of Bayelsa State, Dickson, for the good works he is doing in ensuring peace within the party.

He said the BoT would partner the reconciliation committee in order to block all loopholes for discord.
In this direction BoT has decided to establish its own internal committee to further strengthen our role and to enable us take mature and common stand always as the conscience of the part” he said.

He noted that the BoT had realised that the party cannot succeed without cooperating with the its governors.
According to him, the statement by the the so-called concerned members of the party who lost election at the last convention was very unfortunate as it violates the process of settling disputes within the part as enshrined in its constitution.

“The BoT will never allow people planted to destroy the PDP in any disguise. We should stop any more fights among ourselves. If you are a true lover of the party, stop all litigations and come for genuine reconciliation.
“All we need is to unite and support the new chairman, Secondus and his new executives to move the party forward and crash the ruling APC away from attempting to come back in 2019,” Jibrin said.