Suspended Salaries: Bayelsa Urges Civil Servants to Approach Judicial Panel


Emmanuel Addeh in Yenagoa
All civil servants in Bayelsa State affected by the suspension of over 4,000 salary accounts  for alleged fraud should approach the Judiciary Commission of Enquiry to sort out their issues, the state government directed on Tuesday.

The payment of salaries to the accounts was recently withheld over what the government described as fraudulent activities, ranging from the use of fake certificates to irregular promotions.

Also yesterday, the government described as false, claims in some quarters that it had laid off some civil servants following the preliminary findings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the alleged malfeasance in the public sector.
It however clarified that the salaries of some workers were suspended as a result of the discovery of alleged irregularities in their credentials, age falsification, unusual promotion and other forms of payroll fraud.

The Commissioner for  Information and Orientation, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, in a statement in Yenagoa, said the government had no intention of sacking any worker, but was only trying to fish out those he said found their way into the civil service illegally.
He explained that the salaries of those suspended are being kept in an unpaid salary account  waiting to be disbursed to those who will be cleared at the end of the exercise.

“We have not sacked anybody. The salaries of some workers were only suspended. And those are the people suspected to have one issue or the other with their documentation. So it behoves them to go and clear their names so they can begin to get their salaries.
“We are mindful of the times and we don’t want to get those who are genuine workers but because of human error to suffer unduly. So they have the opportunity to go and appear before the commission. Those who engage in the business of blackmail to rubbish government are not helping the process,” he said.

The government advised those with  genuine cases to approach the Justice Doris Adokeme commission with their defence documents and clear their names so they can start receiving their salaries again.
It noted that there was no need to panic as those who have nothing to hide would be vindicated and their salaries promptly paid.