Heavy wind Give Character to Fela and the Kalakuta Queens


At the age of 50, and with over 20 years’ experience as a producer, songwriter, creative artist, and multi-Instrumentalist (saxophone mainly), LaitanAdeniji has worked with various producers and studios in Florida, California, New York, South Africa, Japan and Nigeria. As a musician, he began his career at the age of 6 playing different percussion instruments, and has recorded and produced 8 albums. Adeniji was involved in school and Church bands, from high school to college/university.

In college, he formed a band where he received an award for his contribution to music and entertainment.

Adeniji’s first album “Ibadan” was recorded in 1999 with Jazz hole Records. It was one of the most played African songs on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), London. This album remains radio friendly. Growing up in Ibadan, his hobbies include golfing, composing and producing, and he gets his inspiration from nature, people, music, color, and unique types of sound.

He is an award winner of the USA/AFRICA EYE AWARD New York, as well as a House Billboard Artist with my track ‘Popular Side’.

Mr. ‘LaitanAdeniji, who is a lifelong fan of Fela, has a heavy dose of the maestro’s influence; and although acting for the first time, Adeniji seems cut out for the role with his physical presence and bearing.