Orji: Defectors Carried away Problems of PDP


Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

Despite the spate of high profile defections that has hit the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia state, Senator Theodore Orji has described it as a positive development. He said that the defectors were the actual problems of the party, adding that they have now packed their bags and baggage of trouble and left PDP.

He expressed this view at a stakeholders meeting of Abia Central senatorial zone held at Okpuala Ngwa, the headquarters of Isiala Ngwa North local government, saying that the defections have indeed brought huge relief to the ruling party in Abia.

Orji, who represents Abia Central in the National Assembly, blasted those “jumping from one party to another like people without focus”, noting that such politicians were like rolling stone that gathers no moss.

“Don’t be perturbed about those who left our party. They were the problem we had, and by leaving they carried away the problem to their new parties,” he said, adding that “the worst thing is to be in the party and fight the party”.

He urged his constituents and the entire PDP members in Abia to resist the temptation of succumbing to the gale of defections and to remain steadfast in their commitment to the party holding sway in God’s own state.