Okorocha’s Naked Dance!


In a moment of routine recklessness, the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, last week relished in his inanity, when he unveiled a statue he had erected in honour of South African President, Jacob Zuma, at a ceremony that vividly exposed his poor judgement and lack of understanding of foreign relations.

It is not news anymore that Zuma is no longer popular at home and understandably so. He is dealing with corruption charges, strangely as a sitting president. Only recently, South Africa’s Supreme Court ruled that he would have to answer to the many allegations of corruption against him. Zuma, who has corruption allegations hanging on his neck and who is currently contending with growing resentment by his people, was the same man that Okorocha brought to Owerri to celebrate with a statue built with Imo tax payers’ money. Thus, insidiously giving credence to the perception that Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt”. It is bad enough that when many Nigerians were killed recently in South Africa as a result of the xenophobic attacks, Zuma’s body language only muttered complicit silence. Yet, he is a hero to Okorocha. By that ridiculous unveiling of Zuma’s statue and based on of his several gaffes, Okorocha has shown that he is not a worthy example in leadership.