Yinka Olatunbosun

Artyrama has launched an online African art gallery. The gallery hopes to grant aficionados from across the world access to a variety of African art, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless, carefully curated online experience.

Also, Artyrama’s digital catalogue will host a wealth of contemporary art collections; including paintings, photographs, sculptures and mixed media that document Africa’s rich culture. The outfit will also provide advisory services for anyone looking to buy and sell art, drawing on strong industry experience in the African art market.

According to Artyrama’s general manager, Sola Masha, Artyrama aims to introduce art to people who have never experienced or acquired art from Africa as well as people who have an interest in the African art world but do not have a user-friendly platform from which to experience it.

“We are passionate about African art and are committed to giving these works a global stage, promoting the development of art and culture in Africa but more importantly,showcasing the amazing talent that exists on the continent. Artyrama intends to capitalize on its pioneer status to become the number one gateway for African art online,” he adds.

“Africa is home to a thriving art culture,” says Artyrama’s art manager and curator, Akinyemi Adetunji. “Its enormous diversity of ethnic groups and cultures is captured beautifully in the art created by her artists. We are heralding a new age for African art by giving it a platform and giving people all over the world access to and advisory on the diverse range of African art available.”