Genital Itching 


The groin is a very peculiar area in your body. The structure and the conditions in which that area is maintained , predisposes it to the growth of skin flora, fungus due to the moist conditions in that area. 
It is therefore not unusual to have the growth of bacteria, fungi , yeasts etc.  in that area. This therefore in a natural cycle , would cause itching. 

Genital itching can be a symptom of many conditions which may include vaginal infections in females or jock itch in males. In either sex, itching may be caused by skin irritation, sexually transmitted diseases, and allergies.
In many cases, genital itching that is caused by irritation will clear up on its own if the irritation is removed. Other causes of itching may require more intensive treatment. If you are concerned about genital itching that does not go away, talk to your doctor or another health care professional.

Causes in females
Causes of vaginal itching
1.    Irritants. Exposing the vagina to irritating chemicals can cause vaginal itching. …
2.    Skin diseases. Some skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, can cause redness and itching in the genital region. …
3.    Yeast infection. …
4.    Bacterial vaginosis. …
5.    Sexually transmitted diseases. …
6.    Menopause. …
7.    Stress. …
8.    Vulvar cancer.

Causes in males
The causes of  genital itching, can be relatively mild or symptomatic of a more serious ailment. Genital itching is a common complaint among male patients. To diagnose the source of the problem, a physician will question a patient about its duration, whether the itching is confined to one area, if there are any additional symptoms and if the patient has a history of illness or sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases, the genital itching is idiopathic. It has no discernible cause.

Avoiding itch
Females should take the following steps to help avoid genital itching:
• After urination or bowel movements, wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from the anus getting into the vagina.
• Avoid chemical products such as vaginal douches or feminine hygiene sprays, which can upset the acidic balance of the vagina.
• Avoid scented feminine hygiene products (panty liners, pads, soaps).
•     After urination or bowel movements, wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from the anus (rectum) entering the vagina.
•     Avoid chemical products such as vaginal douches or feminine hygiene sprays, which can upset the acidic balance of the vagina.
•     Avoid the use of excessive amounts of laundry detergent in the washing machine.
•     Stay away from over-the-counter itch blockers, as these products can make the itching worse in the long term.
• If you suspect a lubricant might be worsening the itching, talk to your doctor about the best options.
• Avoid trauma to the area, such as excessive shaving and scratching.
• Eat a well-balanced diet to maintain healthy bacteria in the vagina.

• Males should take the following steps to help avoid genital itching:
• Wash the penis well, including the area under the foreskin in uncircumcised men.
• Keep the area dry, since moisture in the genital area can lead to infections. Cornstarch powders during the summer may be helpful.

Both males and females should take the following steps to help avoid genital itching
• Wear loose, natural-fiber underwear and clothing. Change underwear at least every 24 hours.
• Keep the genital area clean and dry. Use mild soap and rinse well.
• Use mild, unscented laundry detergents to wash your underwear.
• Dry off thoroughly after bathing and swimming. Avoid staying in wet clothing for long periods of time.
• Avoid unprotected sex, especially if you are worried that you or your partner might have an infection.

Itching in diabetes
Itching and irritation around the genitals can be a sign of high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) and diabetes.
Other Possible causes of genital  itching include
Low estrogen levels in women
Pubic lice
Reactions to chemicals used to wash clothes
Yeast infections
Itching as a symptom of diabetes:
If diabetes is causing the itching in men, it tends to lead to itching under the foreskin of the penis. In women, it can lead to itching of the vulva, the skin on the outside of the vagina.
If diabetes is the cause, you may notice other symptoms of diabetes, such as needing to go to the toilet more often than normal.
If you suspect you may have diabetes, see your doctor for a diagnosis.
Itchy privates can occur if blood glucose levels run high, causing sugar to be passed out in the urine. Sugar makes a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and it is a buildup of bacteria around the genitals that causes the itching.
If you’re getting itchy down there as a result of high sugar levels, wash the affected area to clean away any build up of bacteria. Don’t use any harsh soaps that might lead to irritation.
If you can bring your blood glucose levels back to normal, this also should help the itching to subside.

Common treatments
There are a lot of conventional medication available as  treatments when you visit your doctor.

Home remedies
In our day to day life, we suffer from various problems that can also be related to our genital parts. Genital areas are the most delicate areas of our body. Genital infection not only troubles us but also takes our confidence from a woman. Not only women suffer from genital problems even men are a victim of this bacteria which causes genital problems. Genital itching is the typical example of hygiene problem which is not only in women but men too.
Apple cider. : Apple Cider Vinegar is also known as Cider Vinegar is vinegar which is made up of cider. It is pale to medium amber in color. Apple cider vinegar has proved to be a powerful weapon to fight many health problems.
Now you have just got the most simple treatment to cure most of the genital problems like itchiness, infection, warts, etc. at home. To cure the problem, you have to apply it to your gentle part with the help of cotton or a soft cotton cloth. If you are trying it for the first time be extra cautious while applying it.  Take a little amount of apple cider vinegar on the cotton and use it gently with a soft hand. Don’t rub it hard against the skin as it may damage the skin causing pain in that area. So, treating your genital infection using apple cider is the easiest and efficient method as apple cider vinegar is not too expensive to buy.
Cold compress :  Another, homemade remedy to cure the genital infection in men & women is using the cold compress. It is the simplest method of all. You neither need to purchase anything nor need any equipment to apply. The only thing you need is COLD WATER or ICE. It is an instant relief remedy which can provide you relief in the shortest span of time.
Take some cold water in a bowl, or you can also take ice cubes. Apply it in the area where you are feeling itching or pain. If ice cubes are too cold to use, you can apply cold water by dipping a cotton cloth in it and then applying.
Ice being the cooling agent reduces the inflammation at the affected area and brings relief for you. Your genital part will feel a lot better with every touch of the ice . Also, there is another method to apply the ice cubes if not directly, use ice cubes by wrapping them in a thin cloth. Gently press the area with ice cubes or the wet cloth for a while until the feeling of inflammation stops. You can also do it in the sets each of 30-40 seconds. Take a little time before repeating the set. Soon the area will become numb, and the feeling of inflammation or itching will fade away. You can use this remedy as much as required.
This is another cheapest way to cure your genital problem and also there are no side effects of doing this. So, now you can make yourself and your vagina happy.
Salt bath: The genital infection is caused due to microbes or bacteria. Therefore, by preventing their growth in that area, infection and problems related to it can be stopped.
The problem to this solution is “salt bath.”
It is also a straightforward and understandable method of getting rid of the genital problem. Yes! By just taking a few minutes bath in the salt water you can get the relief easily.
Salted bath is very simple to remedy no need to purchase anything; you just need water and kitchen salt (which is available at every home). A small but relevant solution will improve your condition in infection and prevent your genital part itching in less than three days.
Take a spoonful of salt and add it to the beaker of water. After mixing salt and water in the beaker, heat it a little. But avoid heating it too much only make it lukewarm. And apply it to the affected area using cotton or cloth. You can directly wash your vagina with this water. It will provide instant relief.
Or you can also pick this alternate.
In this, you need a bathtub or any other tub which is large enough to accommodate you. Fill it with warm water and mix salt in a certain proportion of water, approximately half cup. Sit in water in a position of squats or like a duck for 10-12 minutes.
Do salt bath daily for 2-3 times to get the useful results.
Garlic : Garlic is a part of the onion family. It has proved to be a potential species for treating various health problems. From years, people have been using garlic not only as a taste enhancer if food but also to cure infection due to its antibacterial properties. It also works and an effective antibiotic as it kills bacteria.
Because of this antibacterial property of garlic, it is used to cure the genital infection. You can use this remedy in both ways: internally as well as externally.
Internally, commonly we consume garlic by adding a small amount of garlic while cooking various dishes. It also acts as a very powerful medicine to improve the functioning of your immune system and makes it stronger.
It can also be used in the form of oil and can be added to the food while cooking. Or you can also try garlic pickle, it not only adds flavor to it but also makes it tastier. Consuming garlic will provide your body an immense amount of power to fight bacteria and will develop a healthy immune system.
Externally, you can try applying garlic oil to the infected area. Take garlic oil in a dilute form and with the help of your hands gently apply it on the affected area where you feel itching or inflammation. After using the oil wait for a while and then clean it with water.
Using this remedy will help you get rid of your genital infection, and if the problem persists, it is better to consult a doctor.
Yoghurt : Yogurt is not only preferable for eating but also to cure the genital infection. Yogurt contains some active cultures that can be very helpful to control and kill the bacteria are the cause of the genital infection. If you consume a limited amount of yogurt daily, it will also help to fight the disease.
As men and women both are vulnerable to yeast infection, yogurt is an unusual choice to cure it. Usually, this infection occurs on the outer skin of the penis. This can cause abnormal discharge and discomfort in affected area. Freshly made yogurt can be used for the best result. Due to anti-inflammatory qualities, it will give you relief as you need.
Yogurt not only stops the growth of infection-causing bacteria but also helps the good bacteria to grow. You can benefit from yogurt by applying it directly to the genital area or on the infected area. But one thing is important to keep in mind that the yogurt that you take to use should be plain and pure. It must not contain any flavoring agent or substance that may increase the infection.
You can also consume 1 or 2 cups of yogurt daily. You can also add sugar in yogurt and then eat it. This will make the yogurt tastier. This will also But remember not to add anything, anything at all while directly applies it to the vagina.
So, this is another homemade remedy to fight genital infection. This is one of the effective treatments that is simple to use and apply.

Basil leaves
Washing your private part clean and dry: It mostly occurs in the summer months when the redness, itching, and scratching become common in the genital areas and can also get worse because of sweat accumulation. To reduce this, men & women should clean their private area with mild soap and water. Both need to wash their private part carefully while bathing and remove the foreskin. Washing removes the unhygienic and unwanted bacteria which causes itching and infection.
In case, you get infected due to high sweating which is very usual; then you must use antibacterial soap or genital wash to get rid of superficial bacteria. In summer or after intense activity, one should take a shower at least twice a day.
Always try not to use non-chemical products to wash your private part, as scented soap contains chemicals which can cause irritation in the genital area. Always use wipes/tissues to keep that area clean after urination, or whenever you feel the wetness in this field.
The way to wash the vagina should always be in upside down direction so that you can remove the foreskin. As anal carries many unhealthy germs that cause genital itching and infection.
Genital itching can be cured in the best way by always keeping the genital region dry. Urine and sweat moisture can lead to bacterial growth and causes irritation and infection. If the disease is caused, then it would burn and itch for several days; so make sure you keep it as dry as possible. Always try to wear loose clothes, sit under the fan and try to air the area. This will make you feel better immediately.
Anti bacterial talc , Rosemary leaves.
Basil leaves:  Basil Leaves also commonly known as Tulsi are leaves of an efficient plant that is being traditionally used to cure your various health problems. Basil leaves have been proven to have antibacterial properties that start curing the disease of the time of first use.
As they can be found commonly in your garden, and are very gentle to your body, they are the best choice to cure the problem. Basil leaves are a wonderful source of Manganese and Vitamin K; also an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids such as beta-carotene), copper, and vitamin C, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, iron, and magnesium.
In the case of genital problems, Basil leaves are undoubtedly an amazing cure. But the only caution is to clean them in hot water before using in the sensitive area. Basil leaves from the garden can be unhygienic to be utilized for the genital infection.
You can clean your genital area with basil water, by boiling the basil leaves thoroughly in hot water. Leave the leaves in the water to cool down and then use the bath water. The strained leaves can be applied to the genital area to bring relief to the affected area.

Change Your Undergarment
Undergarments are the covering to the genital area. They are the cloth most closest to your sensitive area. More likely, the genital infection can increase in the case when one wear wrong cloth set of undergarment throughout the day.
Wearing undergarment in summers also causes high sweating that keeps the area wet throughout the day and can cause itching and irritation in this field. Underwear, especially of synthetic and nylon material, do not absorb sweat and moisture causing wetness all around the area. So it is always preferable to wear cotton based undergarments that can soak the sweat keeping the area dry for the whole day.
Depending upon your routine, it is advised you to change your underwear twice a day, if you sweat a lot and if you are physically more active, you can even change more than twice a day as per the requirement. This is also a hygienic habit which will always help you to keep your genital area healthy.
Always try to wear a comfortable cloth which is a perfect fit. Like our other part of bodies, private part to need air ventilation and openness. Stiffness and stick to one position within tight fitting may cause redness and severe infection.