IG Asks Court to Stop Senate from Probing Him

Ibrahim Idris
IGP Ibrahim Idris

Alex Enumah in Abuja

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has approached the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court for an order restraining the Senate Committee from investigating him over allegations of corruption and bribery levelled against him by a senator.

Idris, in a fundamental rights enforcement suit filed before the court is also seeking a restraining order against the Senate President and the entire Senate from receiving and discussing any report submitted to it by the committee set up to investigate the allegations against him.

Others joined in the suit filed on his behalf yesterday by his lawyers Charles Ogoli, Emmanuel Anene and Solomon Ayangkong Ikongshul, include Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
According to the Police boss, a serving Senator, Isa Misau, while raising matter of urgent national importance between September and October, 2017 accused him of mounting road blocks across Nigeria with the purpose of extorting money from unsuspecting motorists.

He added that Misau in the motion, also accused him of collecting illegal fees by way of security protections given to corporate organisations, eminent citizens and oil companies running into billions of naira.

Idris also stated that Misau accused him of having “unwholesome relationship with female officers in the force.”
“Without the 1st Respondent having regard to the relevant constitutional requirements in respect of the 2nd Respondent’s role in investigations of allegations, he in reaction to these frivoluous allegations quickly constituted a committee consisting members of the 2nd Respondent to look into the matter”, the IGP said.
No date has been fixed for the hearing of the suit.

  • josvinco

    Aso Rock palace is the headquarters of Corruption in Nigeria.

  • Austin_77478

    The judge may have no choice, but to support the IG. The judge’s security detail maybe compromised if the judgement doesn’t go the IG’s way. What a country!

  • Milito

    This IG has never commanded anybody’s respect. Did he actually deemed this probe as a witch hunt or affront on his fundamental human right? Really ? Thought he claimed to be a lawyer? If the court grants this request then we I can indeed agree with Buhari that the judiciary is perpetually and irredeemably corrupt….

    Buhari fighting corruption indeed!

  • uzor120960

    It is shocking to note that the IGP went to court to stop the Senate from looking into the allegation raised against him. Such never happens in any part of the world. Has he lost sight that he is a public servant and as such he ought to be suspended until the outcome of the probe. It will be disappointing if the court fails to strike out such case.
    However should he fail to do that, the President has to suspend him pending the outcome of the probe however should the President refuse to do that not only, is he failing Nigerians but going against the fight against corruption.
    President Buhari, you MUST act now

    • Milito

      Which president? Hmmm! Na wow for u ….

  • Ashibogu

    IG! Chei, there is God o! No comment!

  • Ajayi balogun

    Chai!!! Nigeria is a disaster…..police want to stop his self being probe?.

  • Arabakpura

    The federal government against corruption was the first to file a lawsuit to stop the probe! We are yet to determine whether this government is for or against corruption! Now, the reason for planning to gag the senate is to forestall the exposé of the monumental shit that will come out! Let’s hear from the courts!

    • Don Franco

      Dear Arabakpura,

      You’re 100% on the money. .. ! Bukola Saraki will ask for all the impending criminal charges on every sitting Senator be dismissed as a trade off for not exposing the IGP and his Aso Rock confederacy of vice.
      This matter will die a natural death is my prognosis based on those of Babachir and NSA”s Oke.

    • Milito

      You are yet to determine whether this government is for or against corruption? Haba! How can you say that after all evidence before you such as Babarchir , Oke, Baru etc ? Bros , It’s a pity some of us are just sensing what we have always shouted about since 2 years and some people on this forum attacked us. Buhari led Apc is purely a bunch of hypocrites!

      • Arabakpura

        Babachir et al? What have they done to them?

  • josvinco

    So this IG believes in the rule of law, running to Court to prevent being probed means purported allegations against him are true. He is a public officer , he must answer to public inquiries about his misconduct. I pray the Judge renders true justice. If the fight against corruption must be fought,every public officer must give good account of their stewardship when required to do so.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Josvinco,

      The IG is worried that his criminal conduct is about to be exposed for the entire world to see. I notice that he failed to mention that Senator Misau also accused him of illegally promoting his minions in the NPF above ranks for which they’re qualified, for a fee. There’s cases where individuals bought double promotion in one year ahead of their better qualified colleagues. You will recall that this IG had 15 of his superiors retired upon his appointment as IG.
      I’m sure that First Lady Aisha Buhari who recommended his appointment, must be sharing from his massive loot.
      This zoological republic is beyond redemption, because even the corrupt AGF Abubakar Malami has sided with the IG against Senator Misau, for exposing corruption in the NPF. Go figure! .