Second Vice President, Association of National Accountants of Nigeria ,Prof. Benjamin Osisioma,

The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), has advised professional accountants to maintain competence, discipline and integrity in their profession.

The second Vice President of the association, Prof. Benjamin Osisioma, gave the advice in a Motivational Talk titled: “How to thrive as a professional : from Good to Great,’which he presented at the 22nd annual conference of ANAN.

He defined a professional as one who possessed considerable intellectual skills and knowledge in a defined discipline, acquired by lengthy training and education and subject to the authority of a definitive body that sets and maintain standards of qualification and entry.

“The body attests to the competence of the individual practitioner and prescribed the Code of Ethics for all members,’’ Osisioma said.

He described competence as the hallmark of professionalism, saying that competence was borne out by vast body knowledge and skills acquired from a lifetime of study and practice.

The don described discipline as the tag of professionalism and the “irresistible impulse – mental, physical or psychological to do what we may not want to do, in order to gain what we do not want to lose.”

“The third attribute is integrity- the ultimate test of professionalism. Professionals are persons committed to standards of integrity and performance that cannot be altered to suit people’s tastes of what they are willing to pay for –men who stay true to what they were called to do,” Osisioma said.

According to him, professionals have the unique responsibility to serve the public’s best interest even at the sacrifice of personal advantage.
He urged professional accountants to guard against the erosion of public trust and the widening of the value gap between them and the people they serve.

The ANAN chief noted that a professional should define his purpose in life and career and focus on it; scale to the top of the knowledge pyramid, develop a keen sense of judgement; make, create, innovate, collaborate and build strong networks; and should be mentored and mentor others.

He told professional accountants “never ever arrive in your profession career. Approach your vocation as an unfinished work in progress.”

Osisioma described perseverance as the goal and motto of the professionals, adding that the professionals should cultivate the habits of highly effective people.

In a paper titled: “Nigeria energy crisis: addressing issues of Sustainable Economic Development,” a former Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo told ANAN members that the transformative plans and actions of government were formed and being driven from the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act of 2005.

“The Act provided institutional framework for fully deregulating the generation and distribution assets from the control, ownership and regulation by the federal government to an private sector-driven industry with an independent regulatory framework,” he said.

Nebo said the challenges of Nigeria’s energy industry were enormous and this was why Nigerian’s energy industry had not developed substantially, given the significant investments, technology innovation and commitment expressed and demonstrated by successive administrations.