HealthPlus Launches Heart Monitoring Service


Solomon Elusoji

One of the fastest growing pharmacies in West Africa, HealthPlus Limited, has launched a service that monitors the wellbeing of an individual’s heart.

The tests involves a private consultation that reviews an individual’s medical history, current medication, lifestyle and a range of diagnostic tests that focus on the indices that measure how healthy the heart is.

Speaking at a press conference announcing the launch, recently, the Founder and CEO of HealthPlus, Mrs. Bukky George, said the service, which is titled ‘the Healthy Heart Check’ had become imperative due to the ubiquitousness of heart disease.

“Heart disease is one of the greatest causes of premature death,” she said. “In Nigeria, 436 males and 476 females out of every 100,000 die as a result of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These deaths can be prevented. The Healthy Heart Check is a service which aims to lower the risk of developing heart disease, which although common is preventable.”

Following the diagnostic tests, Mrs. George said patients will be able to tell what their cardiac age is and be able to calculate the probability of developing a heart disease within the next 10 years of performing the tests. “We will also provide advice on how to improve your heart health and help you continue to live a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

To carry out this service, HealthPlus had partnered with RapidCheck Diagnosis & Wellness Limited, which will provide the monitors be used for the service. The burgeoning pharmacy chain also said it had adequately trained its pharmacists for the necessary procedures involved.
The Healthy Heart Check Service was officially launched across 20 HealthPlus branches on September 29. At these 20 branches, the service will cost N4,500.

“We plan to expand the Healthy Heart Check Service to all 46 locations of HealthPlus branches over time as our ultimate aim is to make every Nigerian Healthy Heart Aware and to contribute our quota to making universal healthcare coverage available to all Nigerians,” Mrs. George said.