Jonathan Puts Africa in Spotlight at Rhodes Forum in Greece


Berlin – The Rhodes Forum opens this week with a strong African
presence led by former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan headlining a diverse array of high-profile international speakers to discuss and seek practical solutions to major global challenges being faced today.

A statement issued by Rhodes Forum’s press officer, Agnieszka Rzepka, stated that Presidents Goodluck Jonathan (Nigeria, 2010-15) and Dioncounda Traore (Mali, 2012-13) will address the opening plenary session on  October 6 alongside Oxford University’s Professor of Globalisation and Development, Ian Goldin, a former adviser to Nelson Mandela; Dominique de Villepin, Prime Minister of France (2005-07);

and Vladimir Yakunin, co-founder and Chairman of the DOC Research Institute, the independent international think tank that organises the forum. Speaking in Abuja ahead of the forum, Jonathan said: “The challenges facing the world today – whether financial crises,

armed conflicts, increasing terrorist threat and immigration on an unprecedented scale – cannot be tackled by countries or even continents in isolation. They demand profound global thinking and willingness to seek solutions through dialogue, mutual respect and open-mindedness.

“African voices must be heard in this search for common solutions that benefit the whole of mankind, and international gatherings such as the Rhodes Forum provide an essential platform for this to happen. I am looking forward to this opportunity to make substantive contributions towards solving some of the most pressing problems facing humanity today.”

First convened in 2003, the Rhodes Forum brings together concerned members of the international political, business, civil society and academic communities in a spirit of dialogue and inclusivity. Every year, hundreds of participants from more than 70 countries explore the major challenges facing the world and seek concrete, applicable solutions rooted in shared values of equality, mutual respect and compassion.

Taking as its theme:’Multipolarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global
Developments: Imagining Possible Futures,’ this year’s 15th
anniversary Rhodes Forum also hosts two focal events: a summit on
globalisation, dialogue, and the future of democracy; and a summit on global infrastructure development scenarios.

  • Ebere Eze

    He was called ‘clueless” by the opposition party APC just to bring him down and take over power at the center. But since he stepped out of office as Presidents, almost every quater, he is invited to one global or regional meeting as a Speaker to contribute to solutions on global issues. Among those who called him clueless, none has been heard in any meaningful discussion on any global subject. If GEJ was really clueless, how come the international community so respect him by giving him platforms to address leaders across the globe. In Nigeria we celebrate the Beasts and vilify the Beauty..

    • MDG2020

      That is why Niga-Area is succinctly called a Zoooo!
      Only beast lives in Zoooo.