No Cause for Alarm, Uzodimma Assures Igbos


The people of Imo State and Ndigbo in general have been enjoined to renew their commitment to a united Nigeria and be confident that there is no cause for alarm.

They were equally assured that their desire for a peaceful nation where all ethnic nationalities are assured of their safety in all parts of the country, is on cause.  In an independence anniversary message to Imo people in general and Imo West in particular, the senator representing Imo West, Senator Hope Uzodimma, said he was confident that the federal government was equal to the task of guaranteeing the safety and security of Ndigbo all over Nigeria.

He  called  on   Imo  people  not   to   listen   to  rumors  about   their   insecurity  in the Northern parts of the country but to be confident that the government is equal to the task of ensuring their safety anywhere in the land. “As we celebrate our Independence anniversary, I want all Imo people and indeed Ndigbo to use the auspicious event to renew their faith in the unity of our dear country and remain assured that the federal government is willing and able to guarantee their security anywhere in the country,” the statement said.