December is still a few weeks away but in the household of the Abebes, feverish planning and preparations are ongoing. Michael, the son of cricket-loving Dr. John Abebe, is getting married and in concert with his father, they have chosen a December date. Dr Abebe, the only surviving son of Christopher Abebe, the first indigenous chairman of UAC Nigeria Limited, is quite popular on the social scene but he is not known to throw that much number of parties.

Hence, he is harnessing all his contacts and resources to gift his son a wedding ceremony like never. The handsome, London-based Micheal is also rousing his friends and associates across the world to ensure his wedding day remains talked about for eons to come. Like his father, Michael, who holds a M.Sc degree from the London School of Economics and B.Sc from the University of Nottingham in Economics, is refined and unobtrusive.

He is also into the oil and gas business across Africa. The Chairman of Inducon Nigeria Ltd, which works with leading oilfield players including exploration and production operators, service companies, manufacturers and suppliers, and midstream operators, as well as investors and other financial institutions around the world, Dr Abebe is the younger brother of late Stella Obasanjo.