Protesters Storm Abuja House in London, Demand Buhari Go Home


Nigerian activists yesterday stormed Abuja House in London demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari should return home. The protesters displayed various banners with inscription that read “Buhari: Go Back Home.”  Another inscription read” “They Can’t All of Us.” An unidentified male voice was clearly heard narrating  the protesters’ grievances. He warned that protest is just the beginning of their desire to force the president to return home. He lamented that Buhari had spent an unprecedented 105 days in London taking treatment fully paid for by Nigerian taxpayers.

“This has never happened in our history.  The president is here taking treatment, when many Nigerians can’t afford one meal a day. Those protesting that the president should resume were attacked in Abuja. This is a secure environment that is we are here. Those who were beating protesters in Abuja can’t do that here. We have come peacefully  to ask him to go back home. We still have respect for president. We cannot have two presidents at the same time. But we are demanding he should go home. They claimed he is ok.

why is he here he should resume or resign. We don’t ministers coming to see him and taking pictures with him.” Others were shouting “Buhari go home,” “Buhari go home” in the background.