Nakamura Gets Revenge against Mahal, The Singh Brothers



Femi Solaja in New York courtesy MultiChoice

The sweet revenge for Shinsuke Nakamura against The Singh Brothers was one of the major high point at the WWE SmackDown bouts late Tuesday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Two days ago the Japanese wrestler was handed his first single loss of the championship to Jinder Mahal.

The loss to Mahal was caused by the Singh Brothers who distracted Nakamura long enough for the champion to gain the upper hand for the controversial victory.

However, at the SmackDown event, it was a different scene as Mahal watched helplessly as the master of flying kicks gave the challengers enough dose of punishment.
Before the bout, Bryan, an acquaintance of Nakamura had told Mahal that it’s payback time by going up against his cronies the Singh Brothers.

In the ring, Nakamura blasted both Sunil and Samir Singh, knocking them around with hard strikes. A distraction from Mahal opened the door for the heels to battle back.
A triangle choke, though, was enough to put away the brothers. Mahal tried to ambush Nakamura afterward, but he countered with a Kinshasa.

The flamboyant Japanese wrestler won via Samir’s tapout to a triangle submission leading to a pin fall and thereafter blues and red lighting illuminate the hall as passionate fans celebrate with him.

Before the bout, AJ Styles kicked off the night by issuing an open challenge for his U.S. title. McMahon screwed him over and few minutes later, Shane-O-Mac stepped out to highlight his dominance, stating he called the match fairly.

In hot exchange of words, Styles demanded to defend the title, and the commissioner agreed to the match. Owens, though, demanded to choose his own referee.

And per McMahon, this would be Owens’ last shot at the championship while Styles held it.
“I told the world that I am the workhorse of the WWE,” Styles responded following Owens claim that “you should be focused on your right hand hitting the mat three times,” he responded.

The efficient segment followed up the SummerSlam controversy well. Owens, Styles and McMahon all had a ton of tension here. We’re getting closer and closer to the McMahon vs. Owens feud that will be the highlight of SmackDown in the coming weeks.
And WWE continues to find ways to keep the Styles-Owens matchups interesting. KO picking the ref is a unique, fun stipulation. The last-chance element of the bout adds high stakes.

In the women tag team championship match, Natalya and Carmella teamed up against Naomi and Lynch in the epic battle. In exchange of pin fall claims, Natalya and her partner were on the losing side.

The stage appearance of Naomi was awesome, wearing a sweet Technicolor-esque dream coat during her entrance. She hung it on the ring post, then immediately got in Natalya’s face.

Naomi started the match against Carmella, who danced around the ring for a lap before tagging in Natalya. They lock up as the fight got to a break.

Upon return, Lynch hit a running legdrop on Natalya. The new champion attempted to call a timeout, then pulled Lynch into the turnbuckle and kicked away at her. Natalya hooked a sleeper on Becky, who freed herself, only to be floored by a discus clothesline.

Natalya pushed Lynch back into her team’s corner. She attempted to tag Carmella, who dropped to the floor to avoid getting involved in the match. Natalya glared down at her partner. Lynch took advantage of the situation with a schoolboy, then hit an enziguri.

Both women regained their feet. Lynch hit a charging Natalya with an elbow in the corner, but was thrown onto her face when she climbed the ropes to follow up. Natalya scored a two count, then yelled, “What are you doing?” at Carmella. Outside the ring, the wave is back in Brooklyn.

In the exchange, Naomi and Becky Lynch beat Natalya and Carmella when Naomi pinned Carmella after a split-legged moonsault.